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Funky Scooter!

(Apologies for those mentioned ,and those not!)


When gins got her new scooter,

The Author got one too,

A three wheel funky moped,

0-6 in five minutes--phew!

Mdaisy's into safety,

Her crash hat has a flower,

and with "go faster striping,

We all look such a shower,

Mine has a wicker basket,

With plastic flowers woven,

But it keeps on stopping,

In the middle of the road hun!

I'm thinking of a Rally,

Virtual or real,

We'll turn up at the seaside,

And make the rockers squeal,

Reality's more tiring

((I really need a nap)

I'll Rally on tomorrow,

Cos Fibro's really c#@p

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HI Iampain :)

Fab poem, I love it :D :D :D

Mine goes boing boing!! every time I forget to take hand off control as it's the only way to stop it :)


Got all the way round the block safely over speed bumps and pot holes and then crashed when I got back home into the patio furniture :o

OH laughed a lot! still does hehehhe

Sending fibrobusting fluffies to you

:) xxxsianxxx :)

Why thank you, very muchly! It took five minutes to write with a Biro, and twenty to type ! :-)

I crashed a rented one at Gardeners world Live last year, right into a poor innocent bloke who was standing in front of me, he would have gone right over if it weren't for the rather solid counter in front of him, I apologised of course, but I couldn't get out of there fast enough!

((Embarrassed, of Birmingham))

Hidden in reply to Iampain

sorry but chuckling hunny :) xxx I'm travelling across country on a train tomorrow for the first in mine so watch this space!!! :D :D :D

................... or the news! LOL

Iampain in reply to Hidden

Zeb73 Good luck on your trip, I've done it once (twice counting return) and found it nerve racking, I took too much luggage and ended up sitting on my scooter for the whole three and a half hours so I could stay with my baggage! Needless to say, I'm in no hurry to repeat that experience alone....

Hidden in reply to Iampain

I am gutted my hubby and I have just discovered my powerchair won't come to bits enough to fit into a car when we get to Cumbria so I am stuck travelling in the heap of junk that he has to push me around in :( Too late to arrange hire purchase :( Never mind

I have just been out in it for a drive though hee hee what a child I am whizzing about doing do-nuts LOL and didn't crash this time :D

xx I do understand the whole luggage fiasco we've been getting better at that with practice :) xx

TheAuthor in reply to Iampain

Sorry! but that gave me a good giggle also!

Take care


that's well cool :) x

Really good lampain, wish I had such a talent. I am very very lucky not to need a mobility aid, but I reckon I would be a disaster waiting to happen if I did :o :d

Foggy x

Great ppoem :D

I Love my scooter'

Your all bonkers - this why I love this site xxx flossy xxx

Ps I'm off to the funny farm tomorrow. Bye!!

TheAuthor in reply to flossy1

Can I come? Only the last time I went to a farm was 1970 and my appointed school friend (where you hold hands), fell in a pond and it really wasn't much fun at all, yours sounds much better?

hehehehehe! thank you so much for this lampain that is so funny! hehehehehhe!

Take care

Ken x

Thank goodness I found this just now and I absolutely "LOVE" it!

disappears to make coffee)

xxtickled gin

We could form a sequence dance group or country dance group .

Iampain in reply to Aura1

Ooh, not bad, do it all on our scooters and call ourselves the red fibro's!


Ken, you can come to the funny farm with me any time - " you can skip through the tulips with me"..... you know the tune. Hee what fun. Xx

Love the poem, I have visions of you all doing synchronized mobility scooter dancing on "Britians Got Talent"

That's really good, keep them coming!

On the odd occasion I pick my grandchildren up from school, I find I am loaded with bags, lunch boxes, "art", and pe kit. Then there is the little problem of who stands on the rail at the back and for how long, lots of pushing and shouting, I wouldn't have it any other way. :) :)

Iampain in reply to bluebell99

Bluebell 99 I know exactly how that goes, one g\c always wailing because its not her turn, only quieting when nanny "finds" some sweeties at the bottom of her "magic" handbag !

I'm glad you all enjoyed it, I have more, but the next ones kinda sad, not sure you'll like it so much.


You have a way with words :)

the poem is very good lampain looking forward to reading other one even if it is sad thanks for sharing

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