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early morning

morning my fibro freinds ,

whos awake this time of morning already woke up at at 1 am but seconded time 5 am ,

so who going to get some flowers or a meal out if we up to it that is , ? got plumber coming again , then going on a date long as i dont feel to tired to go ,

glad the snow has gone now ,wacthing wildlife SOS, on channel 5 , ,love animal programmes , anyway all have a good day

tink xx soft hugs xx

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Hello Tinkabell66, I'm awake as I didn't go to bed as I fell asleep on settee last night but I'm thinking I may go to bed for a few hours to rest my body and I never took my medication so that will put me to sleep for a few hours! I love those sos wildlife programmes! We haven't had much snow here on Isle of Wight thankfully but it has been very cold but its raining again! Yes its Valentines day my husband works in London in Asda and lives there and comes home weekends, we don't like this arrangement but the job situation here isn't good and were hoping that Asda will be here soon! I maybe losing my job as my horrible manager hasn't been good to me and isn't understanding of my health problems and my Fibromyalgia!! Take care.... Aisha xx


Sorry I've misspelt your name that's because I'm tired...x


Hi Tinkerbell

i spent the day with my lovely Mum then Hubby took me to fast food chicken place via a tool shop , who says romance is dead eh ? lol no flowers but he did inflate the tyres on my pushchair so i can use it for my Grandson tomorrow, so must be love , mind you he has really taken to walking so may need to dredge up my old childminding skills to keep him in there hmmm

i hope you have a lovely time on you're date

take care xx


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