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Morning all

I took a sleeping pill last night, must of slept as I didnt know a thing til my alarm went off this morning, but I am still so tired!!!!

Had my husband complaining that i kept him awake until 3am - but I didnt know what I was doing!!!

Still another day, time to put on the mask and brave another twelve hours until i can collapse back into bed!!

Hope everyone has a good painfree day

Gentle hugs xx

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Morning tinkz.

You have a good day too. xx


Good Morning Tinkz

Hope your day goes ok :)


Its nearly afternoon now by time i have read this,

So good afternoon lol.

kel xxx


Keep at it - it will take more than one night to catch up on all your lost sleep. Don't take over the counter meds for too long though, please see the doc if you still feel bad as it might only be helping you to drop off, and not keeping you in deep sleep - and that might cause odd things like what your hubby may be experiencing. Hope it goes OK!


Thanks for your message Glenys, it wasnt an over counter sleeping med - it was from my dr, I only take them when I really need to get some sleep (so about once every few months, when I just cannot handle the tiredness anymore).

gentle hugs xx


Thats OK. Hope hubby now sleeping well too :-)


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