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unbearable pain

unbearable pain

i am having the most unbearable attacks of payne starting in my back or face and going round my ribs and chest neck and head ,does any one else have this it can last for an hour at times or just a few minutes the doctor has put me on a pain blocking tab which has helped a bit and i have had my heart checked and also been checked for gall stones and kidney stones but am all clear on all of this so they can only put it down to the fm does anyone else suffer like this if so please let me know i could do with contact with someone who understands god bless you all

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I don't have all the symptoms you mention I have terrible neck and shoulder pain that then send me into a migraine type headache which goes up through my eyes , this has been diagnosed as muscles going into spasm causing the eye pain and headache I have trigger point infections for this and they do help greatly . As to the the chest pain I was diagnosed with chostochondritis 23 years ago at the start of my fibro and that is a real pain ... Pun intended the only thing for that is pain killers and hot packs.. I very rarely get both symptoms together badly and have never had face pain . I am glad you have had all the usual tests carried out as have I... So I can only offer you a sympathetic hug as it would seem its fibro related as your GP has tested you for everything else.


VG x


Have either of you been checked out for myofascial trigger points/restrictions? Myofascial pain is very common alongside Fibro


well thanks for the info it was ver helpful its a painfull condition and with fibro its allfull but i was glad that you told me this it helps alot thanks


Hi Posh lady, I get facial pain on the left side of my face. First time it happened we thought I had Bells Palsy! It runs along the eye socket and cheek bone and the skin is so sensitive to touch. Really hurts like no body's business!! This can last from anything like one or two hours to several days.

Keep your chin up :-)




Hi posh lady , yes I suffer wit the same type of pains I've had fibro 13yrs and had bad neck for yers before , when ever you are worried you should return to dr untill they. Have done every test because it could be something other than fibro and they may be able to help???

If like me it turns out to be the fibro then maybe a pain management coarse would help

It's different from pain clinic it's a 12week coarse one afternoon a wk and it goes through all aspects of chronic pain and helps you deal wit it in a different way that should make life more bearable at least helps you understand why you & why there's no cure , it did that for me the pains the same but my attitude different I'm not so hard on myself , it taught me how to let go of the old me and how to like the new me !!

Hope this helps a little ?? Keep on to drs untill you are happy take care xx


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