Fibro pain off the scale

For the first time in ages I have something to look forward to, a trip to a Bear Fair in London with my carer. I am so excited about this trip and a overnight stay and a trip to a London show that my body seems to think I am stressed so has put the pain scale through the roof.

Blooming fibro but I am going to enjoy this trip, pain is not going to stop me having a wonderful weekend.

Feel the pain and do it anyway.

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  • I am so glad you are having such a lovely trip... And can totally sympathise with your pain levels rising mine do the same when I know things in advance no matter how much I am looking forward to it... I listen to my relaxation programmes and make sure I take my meds regularly leading up to the event. Strangely enough I am better with the unexpected happening as it doesn't allow my body time to plot the pain ...

    Hope you really enjoy it

    VG x

  • Thanks VG,

    I enjoy the lead up to a nice event just not the pain. I am currently on no pain meds except for paracetamol as was having too many side effects so i am trying to manage my pain as best I can. Usually I can meditate them away enough to sleep but to acute at the moment for that. Just so nice to have a big event to look forward to. :-)

  • Hope you manage to enjoy the trip. If the hotel has a gym maybe they have a jacuzzi or steam room that will help ease the pain before you go out.

  • Oh it has a pool and jacuzzi so i will certainly make use of them. i intend to have a wonderful time xx

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