Mr Obi our beautiful kitten, don't you agree

Mr Obi our beautiful kitten, don't you agree

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This is the Obi that wakes me up each morning purring louder than an alarm clock. He is only 6 months old, and will be the size of a dog when fully grown but we love him to bits. He is meant to be my daughters but she goes to uni in September and she can't take him so I will get to keep him at home for a while yet

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  • gorgeous!

  • So beautiful, thank you for sharing

    Take care


  • How delicious may I borrow him for a while :)

  • Can we share? :)

  • He's gorgeous, beautiful face. Thanks for sharing the pic. X

  • what a beautiful cat!

  • One way of getting a cat, just be aware of the pitch of the purring :P

  • Looks so sweet and cuddly.

  • Beautiful and looks really fluffie :)

  • such a sweet face i dont blame u for wanting to keep hi, .

  • I want one please xxxxx

  • He is beautiful. Is he a Maine Coon? I was fostering a stray cat just like him for 5 months last year (now happily rehomed through the Wood Green Animal Trust). He was extraordinary and I still miss him terribly, although my own cat is much happier since he's gone!

  • How beautiful he is pets are such a great lift when you feel down

  • He is a beautiful cat :)

    Don't let Fenbadger see this or he will think I am softening to cats :D :D

  • grrr

    I know he's cute, but . . .

    *slaps own wrist*

  • Difficult to think badly of the likkle puddy tat :)

    But repeat after me, they grow into EC's that want to steal thumbs or dominate the world :F

  • Beautiful!

  • Awwww lovely, I will stand in the orderly queue 😀😀

  • What about your thumbs :o

  • 'thes handsome xx

  • awww he's lovely, reminds me of my luigi, miss him even though I know he's a wonderful new home now xx

  • Gorgeous what breed is he that he will be the size of a dog? I bet you won't want to hand him back when the time comes as they wriggle their way into your heart.x

  • Even at that age they're so strong. Wrap a whole adult around their little paws :O

  • He is beautiful! I had a white cat with similar coloured spots when I was a teenager. I named him Shalom, and he lived up to his name. I am sure you are really lucky to have your Mr. Obi!

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