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Thank you all

I absolutely love this site i can vent or share how i feel and i don't feel judged. Im sorry i dont akways get back to people im not online much as been dropping to sleep at 7pm ish. Its been a funny old week not like i remember much or it!!! The days just seem to merge into 1 extreamly long day. Got my tummy scan on tuesday and see a rehumotologist cant spell the word lol

my appointments have come threw with in a week or me seeing the GP cant belive how fast they are. Im still walking like a duck and with my right side sticking out so hope this x-ray appointment comes fast as docs think my spine is curving to the right its so painful i am back on the oxy-norm and oramorph .

Also this week i had found out just how much things have changed in the past few months with not being able it to simple tasks like cross my legs and turn my head each side like it used to.

Im happy i have my family and my children are happy even tho i cant be like i used to be. Have a fab weekend all xxxxxxx

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Hope you get the treatment you need and glad you are happy here, if you get some luck with your neck movement would really love to hear cos my neck hasn't turned right properly for 4 years, maybe your diagnosis. Can give me some info on helping

Thanks for posting

VG x


Ill defo let you no im with doc thursday so will post on here xx


I love this site too for the same reason. It's great to be able to moan, and discuss my problems n concerns without feeling like I'm going on too much, or that people don't want to hear. Invisible pain is often hard to keep quiet about I think as I feel like if I don't tell people they'll think I'm better but lazy! Hard to find the balance. But talking on here means I don't bore the family as much and start to talk about other things more instead. It's great. Thank you all


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