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Benefit Forms


Hope everyone is doing ok

I just wanted to post because many have mentioned that when feeling poorly they are unable to fill in Benefit Forms.

When I was bedbound I contacted my local Advocacy service and a kind volunteer came to the house to help fill in the forms. This personally helped ease my stress and it may be something others living with Fibromyalgia may want to consider looking into.

The advocate can help as they usually have experience with benefit forms from their work with other clients. FibroAction can email you the Benefits & Work Guides for free and these have good advice & information to help you too.

Most areas should have some kind of Advocacy service but what criteria you must meet for help may vary.

Also there are other organisations on the FibroAction website you may want to consider contacting regarding benefits. Link below :

The Advocate definitely provided me with extra help to complete these forms and I really appreciated it.


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Howdy stranger, nice to see you about, thanks for the info that's really useful I had to fill my sons in and although I did mange to complete it correctly and he got his usual award because I wasn't too good at the time it took me weeks to fill in and I litteraly felt it hanging about like a weight over my head until it was done. If mine comes and makes me feel the same I think I might go down that route would certainly save me the worry

VG x


VG, I am glad you find it useful..... Hope you are well


Muchly thank you.... the bungalow is perfect its just the Inhabitants who are weird :)


Hi ya .... I wondered about the fish in loo..... trumping ! he he

Changed my comment as I then realised you have been living there a year...thought it was a recent move. Silly me



Blame it on fibro fog Emma and I won't admit that I hadn't noticed anything wrong with your first comment :D


thankyou for this Emma, I try to promote advocacy services as they helped me too but I couldn't find one in east herts council website.




I was the same mdaisy, but contacted the council and a nice lady called Susan, came to my house too, and she helped me fill in my forms. And boom, I got my DLA after the 3rd try, so to all out there, please try and get help from the C.A.B. or call any help group, it worked for me. Don't give up, and don't let the b*****d's get you down. X x x


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