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More spoons?

My OH asked me a question the other day, after we'd clocked our respective 'calories burned' (hey, a walk around the shops counts! ;) ), and mine came out more because I'm heavier ... cringe ... he asked 'does that mean you're using more of your spoons, and so you'd be a bit less exhausted if you did lose weight?'

Now, I'm not sure! He's not being a tit about it; he's genuinely interested, and -whilst he supports me in losing weight - he's not trying to force the issue. But I wonder what your thoughts are on this.

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Interesting question I am trying to lose a stone and a half cos I have fibro and osteoarthritis and being in my 40s am trying to keep the weight off to give my joints less weight to support, but your OH. Could well be right cos extra weight does slow us down make walking more strenuous .... Gahhh now he's given ME extra incentive to lose the weight.

VG :)


HI honey, i would agree with OH, i always feel better and less pain and more energy when i lose weight, but i do love my food so struggle but my OH and i do the "hairy dieters " book and it's great it really is good wholesome food that is filling. Just before Christmas Paul had lost a stone and i lost just under a stone. so give it a go and hopefully you will be more comfortable and energetic soon. I am now working again which i never thought i would but i am. So ladies take care and happy dieting xxx


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