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does anyone else get any of theses symptoms from fibromyalgia ?

insides of both ankles so painful that u can barely walk... back pain from the bottom right up to shoulders just below the neck... stabbing pains in knees.. arms and hands ache so painfuly that you cant sleep... losing energy levels then ok just after... keep dosing of... confusion...bad headaches... the list goes on trust me i hate this condition it has destroyed our lifes... i am being treated for depression and lots of therapy groups which i hope will help and has a bit as we now have a happier house than what it was, thats by thinking positive towards everything and not so negative all the time so has helped a bit... but not always easy to do xx

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i get all of the symptons you are saying but no headaches xxx


Yes Sharon,

It's awful, what we have to put up with, I've ran out of my Naproxen this last two times just when I was due them but could'tn collect them until 4/5 days later, and the buggers wont' give them to you unti the morning they are due, and honest to God., I'm like crippled without them until I get them and it always seems to be over a weekend I run out, luckily this time I got them re-prescribed them to-day, but had to go out to-day and collect them myself and you want to see me trying to walk, never mind the pain, and tiredness and confusion, why can't they be more accommodating they know they are giving them to really sick people that just cant at the drop of a hat (if they remember, I never), go down and get them again, they're so stupid, must complain to my doctor and explain how my pain comes on so bad without them, anyway take care gentle hugs xxxxx Claire xxxxx


And my ankles are just like yours they swell at the drop of a hat and the pain kills me, how did you get to joing therapy groups? never heard of them here xx


hi sharon it is a terrible condition it totaly wrecks lives iv had it 28years but iv got a better qualty of life now through starting swimming about 13years ago and talking things very slowly at first and i started feeling more positive about life and im now not so wobbly on my feet there r times wen i cant swim as im to tired but i allways go back the next week i use a little scooter to get around now and feel more independant i get all of the sympotoms you have said my motto is rest when you need to and do every thing slowly and pace your self ,over do it and we suffer more pain its not easy at all xx




Hi Sharon,

I get all of the symptoms you state and more. FMS is an extremely painful condition but the thing I find most upsetting is the medical profession's attitude towards it. I have been diagnosed with FMS for 10 years now but it took 18+ years of going back & forward to GPs Hospitals & such to get a diagnosis.

I have been studying as much of the latest research regarding FMS as I possibly can and forward my findings to my GP. There are treatments which reportedly have a good outcome for FMS sufferers but many are not licensed in the uk, therefore if you want to try them you have to foot the bill yourself. The GPs & Hospitals I find are still full of individuals with outdated mind sets that FMS is alll in your head, when it is not so. I feel that a lot of the depression suffered by us is due to the attitude of the GP's etc.

I have studied diet for rheumatology, FMS and other similar conditions and have found personally that caffeine & milk are triggers for myself so I have cut them out of my diet completely. Other foods that are triggers for some people are all of the nightshade family of foods, potatoes (Solanum tuberosum), tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum), many species of sweet and hot peppers (all species of Capsicum, including Capsicum annum), and eggplant. Sugar is another one, especially white sugar.

I cut all of the above including wheat out for 6 weeks and then introduced them back 1 item per week. You will know which foods are triggers for you within about 30 minutes after eating them. Finding the foods that are triggers for you may take a long while but is well worth it. I have not managed to get rid of all of the FMS symptoms but the pain is not as bad as it was, I have managed to cut my pain relief medication down from 5 different ones to 3 and am not using them every 1 - 2 hours as I was before, I can now stagger them at 3 hourly intervals. My balance is still not good and on days when the weather is changeable I still seize up, but it's better than it was.

Good luck & hope you manage to find something to help you a little, Don't give up & if people around you don't understand your pain, enlighten them :) If you find you come across a GP or Hospital member who is less than supportive, don't hesitate to change to another one. Bless.


I get all that you descibe every day...there is no respite from them, not even with the painkillers. The headaches are very excrutiating at times, i have to just go to bed and try to sleep it off! I too suffer from depression, have for a number of years. neither illness does the other, any favours! :(



so sorry i know the feeling my problem is falling asleep through the day ,worse time is when i am travling on a bus it is so embarrasing , cant keep my eyes open , [ try manuka hony for the pain expensive but good


i have had fybro since i was 15 year old now 70 it gets worse with age as along with this illness you may be lucky and escape osteo arthritis i now have had a hip replaced waiting now for my other one , along with fybromyalgia all i want to do is swleep , i take far too many pain killers and other medication .l i have tried manuka honey 25 plus but i find it very expensive , dotors know manuka honey can work on many ill nesses but they say they cannot afford to put manuka honey on prescription, it is very good for arthritis and pain with fybromyalgia, i just cant afford to buy it , the jar only last a week for 25 pound that is far too much , [ morrison do a 10 plus for a big jar i may give it a try , all the best


Hi Sharon I am so pleased for you that you are moving forward and thinking positivley.

Having positive thoughts is very powerful hang onto those thoughts

Soft Hugs,

Sue x x


Itoo have all this and more, .Fatigue ,pain, burning with pain, soooo tired all the time,dont know where I havnt got pain. To help to get through the long nights I started Painting. It has seen me through the bad ,worse and better days. Ihave made many friends who also paint, and who have FM. We share our moans ,but most of all we share our laughter,and laughter is still the best medicine,(along with pain killers) So to all my fellow sufferers I say laugh as often as you can. (but dont stop the pain killers.) mongmot xxxooo



I have had fibro for many years and have had some ( not all of the same) symptoms, along with the meds off the doctor I take CQ10 and Selenium. It really has seemed to help some. I think the longer you have it the better your coping strategies become. It does not stop but you do get somewhat stronger in character.................gentle hugs hope you ok


Try taking a glass of water that you have boiled and let it cool down and add one tablespoon of cider vingar to the glass and add a teaspoon of honey for taste.

This is good for fatigue, yeast overgrowth, eyes, ears, arthritis, keeps artiteries unblocked.

It also balances your ph balance in the body.

Have a look at the health benefits.


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