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Would any-one be able to provide me with a statement please

Hi hope everyone is ok today , Well i managed to find the strength to visit my local c.a.b office to help with my appeal to try and get my esa back ,They were very good and have given me an appointment to go back next week to see someone else who will be there with more knowledge ,The have asked me to collect as much info as possible and i wondered if there was any-one here that could provide me with a statement exlplaining how fibro affects our lives ,Would have to be a voulenteer etc ,I have statements from my doctor but the more info i can get the better or if anyone else has any information to help it would be much appreciated

thankyou and hugs xx

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Hi the NHS website has a good lot of info on fibro and also julie put on here today an earlier blog a poem that someone had written about how fibro affects suffreers so that may be worth printing out there is lots of info as well on the tags and archives that may be of interest to you as i think they really need to know about YOU personally and how it affects you , but there is plenty for you to get your teeth into hope you get whatyou can love to you diddle x


Ahh Thanks I will look into that :-) x


Hi Sue, if you look on the FibroAction website you will find lots of good detailed info about FM.

In the past I have need to collect evidence about FM and I just search all websites and collate evidence by copy and pasting.

There are so many websites which will give you good info that you will be able to relate to. Good luck xx


Hi have not seen you for few days hope you are ok ; love and hugs to you diddle x


Ahhh Thanks every-one loads for me to look through :-) Im doing ok thanks diddle its a bit of a struggle with no income and being a single mum , Went to hospital appointment yesterday and bone on my knee has started to crumple so awaiting surgery :-( very painful n finding it very hard to do things as cant walk but still no esa for me :-(


Hi, i have just copied and pasted the Fibroaction fact sheet to my facebook, its a really good but short piece about fibro, and a great way to explain it to friends and family!! Thanks ChristineEls x


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