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Well here we are it is Saturday 2 Feb and boy it is cold around here!

It is frosty again and the sky is clearing to be a l vovely day but I am in that strange state of going back to bed the papers dont really inteest me at the moment so might as well to cold for anything eld thr roman army is hidden amongst us.

So I am going to take thesteps and get warm xgins

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Morning gins, yep I.m in bed too, OH gone to work,so its me alone with my iPad... I am sure the papers won't interest you and not sure how you are going to get comfy if you have the roman army in there with you.. How are they hidden have they all bought lampshades and are standing in your bedroom disguised a standard lamps or are they hiding under the bedclothes incase your OH walks in? And where did you find a whole Roman garrison , did you just awake and find them camped or in your garden..... And why do I find my self more curious than amazed.....

VG x


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