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Well we had the funeral for my daughters friend Kirstie on the 22nd there was standing room only, about 10-15 people couldn't make it so if they had they would've had to stand, there was not a dry eye in the crematorium, so she had a great send off.

When we came out we walked past where her flowers would be laid and my oh recognised one of the names, the gentleman who's service was before Kirsties, it turns out that he went to school with his children, he knew he had passed but didn't know when the service was.

The gathering after took over the whole of the village pub for the rest of the afternoon.

This week she became an auntie to a gorgeous 7lb 4oz baby boy.

Other news wasn't doing to badly pain was almost at the usual level until Wednesday night early hours Thursday morning at around 3 am I turned over in bed and the muscle surrounding my right shoulder blade cramped up it is now only just starting to ease off a bit, just hope its settled by morning as my adorable little grandson is coming over,will have to get oh to rub in some more anti-inflammatory cream in before he gets in bed tonight, well that's about it for now will up date again soon.

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What a sad thing when young people are taken before their time. I'm glad the poor girl had a good send off - she must have been very popular.

Have fun with your grandson - bet he makes all your aches and pains much easier!

Moffy x


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