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Just a quickie! Very unlike me, I know. Does anyone else keep feeling as though they’ve been bitten? It’s usually around my ankles & lower legs & the back of my neck & arms. Of course, there never is a bite or a sting but I feel so stupid when I keep swatting at something that isn’t there! Also, labels in clothes drive me mad! Some feel like razor blades!

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Yes, I do, only it's not just legs, it's all over, especially that really annoying spot you can't reach right in the middle of my back, is your skin really dry and flaky too??

TempleofDoom in reply to Hidden

Is this related to Fibro? I’m sure it is.

Sorry, hit the send button too early. I think it must be. I do tend towards dry skin but plaster myself in olive butter, shea butter (mixed with hemp oil), etc. My husband blames me all the time for leaving greasy marks everywhere! I see my Rheumy nurse on Friday so I’ll ask her. Nic xx


Clothes differently cannot tolerate wool type garments , even in winter I dress down in T-shirt’s indoors, don’t like the feeling of lots of garments on me. Xx

Hi Yasmintina. I shudder at the thought of anything made of wool. I can’t bear anything tight (as long as the knicker elastic is just tight enough not to let me down)! I can’t wear bras or clingy stuff. (Un)luckily I have to rely on my fat to keep me warm.

I had nerve conduction studies which, again showed problems, but they are sending me for another MRI. I just think nobody knows what to do with me and I continue to circle around to eventually (they hope) I disappear up my own ☀️🙈 xx Nic

Didoliz in reply to YASMINTINA

Even as a child I couldn't bear anything woolly. Don't like elastic or anything fitted. Don't like coats,tights/stockings or even socks. X

TempleofDoom in reply to Didoliz

Aaaagh 😩😱!! Woolly school coats.

I now get like something is crawling up my legs but nothing is there

TempleofDoom in reply to Flyby7

Yes, drives me mad but mine was more like cold water running down my legs. Very disconcerting when you think you may have had a little accident - but that would be warm, wouldn’t it? Ha 🙈 x

Good one😁

Yep - feel like a have a wet patch on my thigh, forever checking it just to make sure it isn't actually wet. Equally the itching drives me bonkers. Kaftans at home nice and loose fitting and baggy onesies I hate going to work and having to wear uniform it's so restrictive. Case of stripping off as soon as I get home.

TempleofDoom in reply to Dinkie

Definitely kaftans or floaty things in this weather. x

I experience the cold water over my feet feeling, I have been given to understand this is peripheral neuropathy.

TempleofDoom in reply to Tisme1

Yes, I think that’s what I was told once. My sister, who is 5 years older, also has it. It’s definitely coming from the spine & mine is, as the surgeon delicately put it, ‘knackered’ and said one option would be to fuse my spine. I politely declined but he’s still sending me for another MRI on my spine anyway. 🙄 Nic xx

Yep. I'm forever slapping at things that aren't there too. Swear I'd been bitten or stung. Has to be a fibro thing. It's no wonder they treat us like we are crazy! The bugs might be imaginary but the pain is very real.

mouse2 in reply to Sandcastle27

people like us used to either be put on a ducking stool or locked up in a mental institution - is it any wonder? hahaha

Sandcastle27 in reply to mouse2


TempleofDoom in reply to mouse2

🧙‍♂️🔐✔️ xx

Yes!! I get random itching sensations and tingles like there’s something crawling over my skin, especially in the hot weather. My partner was very amused when he caught me examining my ankles with a magnifying glass😂 Thankfully the sensations come and go and don’t impact too much and I accept it as yet another part of this weird condition as my neuro conductivity tests were fine.

TempleofDoom in reply to Alb2

Haha! I do things like that. What makes it worse was my husband (who attended our nephew’s 21st on Saturday while I couldn’t face the long car journey - bloody hell) said he put the telly on and they were talking about the heat causing bed bugs to survive & increase in numbers especially in big cities. He said we should be OK living out in the sticks but I couldn’t help thinking I should be burning all the clothes he was wearing! 🐪 I put a picture of a camel because I couldn’t find a bed bug. As I’ve been sending this message I’ve had two ‘ouch’ moments on my big toe. My husband laughed! Nic xx

mouse2 in reply to TempleofDoom

I get those stabbing things too and so did my mother.

Alb2 in reply to TempleofDoom

🤣🤣 A camel sized bed bug would be something!!!

Wow, I would have never mentioned this and now I will..YES! I look for a spider, a bug....ask my husband what he brought home for friends?I wash loads of laundry as I can..NOTHING!Think, its a med reaction or clue....but Im not alone!

Yes, me too. Always have to remove labels and wear underclothes inside out when skin is more sensitive.


Re-opening crazy itch sessions....I have been on a mission to prove I had something crawling in my hair, just about went crazy scratching my scalp, used nit comb with whole bottle of conditioner every day for a week..nothing..still got crazy itchy scalp and stupid baby soft hair now, likewise I can't wear any wool, or tight fitting clothes, just give me pyjamas and I'm happy...ish

I don’t think that people in general understand what we go through, even hospital staff. I had an MRI this morning (spine). I struggled to get on the bed, and the technician prodded my hip to make sure I was in the right position. She really jumped backwards & I just said ‘ow’ (rather loudly)

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