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Things are looking good [shhhh. don't like tempting fate] and I put this down to my puppy!

Things are looking good [shhhh. don't like tempting fate] and I put this down to my puppy!

I saw my doctor on Monday as I needed to alter my meds. Bad sleeps and much worse restless legs were solved with 5mg of Amitriptyline! I know, so little, but a big difference. Always been a light weight. Never needed more than one glass of wine to be very tipsy.

Anyway, I have not been too good about taking my Vit D but moving to a better area at work, doing a job I love and doing it well helps with confidence. But getting a new puppy is an excellent distraction and has made me extremely happy. She is adorable. A cavalier, tri colour, and very sensitive so no bad words around her or her tail goes down! Helps keep the household calm!

Well I am also walking further! I could barely get down our driveway [just over the length of the car] and now I am building up the distance. I could walk down past three houses two weeks ago - eleven today! I am being careful not to overdo it, and my doctor is pleased too. My hips are groaning at the moment but thats nothing to how they were.

I talked to my doctor about my mobility allowance and he said I would need to be walking a lot further and for a lot longer for me to start worrying about giving it up. The thing I am worrying about is being had for fraud, but he says its not fraud because I do need it. Well I do, but I can walk further than I claimed - but still not far enough. And this may only be a pause. Shame.

Oh well, I will enjoy what I have. I also hope others are this lucky or better too. I am not pain free, but its manageable.

Soft hugs

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Sarah-Jane, what an adorable puppy, what's her name, she's so cute! Aren't dogs wonderful therapy in themselves, we have two and they constantly make me smile and laugh at the funny little things they do! Your puppy is gorgeous! :D

Please don't worry about feeling a fraud, you told the truth at the time and who knows what your situation will be like in a month or two month's time, it's uncharted territory isn't it. My personal belief is that if you always tell the truth, then you aren't doing anything wrong. You were honest, your GP thinks you deserve your allowance so that is very important too. Try not to worry. One step at a time and see where you go from there. You have your GP's support and understanding.

It is good to hear that you are managing, but should this change, then please have a word with your GP who may be able to help you further.

Take care. (((hug))) xxx



well done to you and great to hear - but just take it little by little - I can do what you are doing some days but other days I cannot even get out of bed - but carry on when and while you can and try not too worry about feeling like a fraud you have been honest and your gp can back you up on that. good luck to you


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