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ESA appeal

I was put into the working group without being told so i appealed against it and asked to be put into the support group and after reading peoples dreadful experiances i held out little hope. I have a very supportive GP and asked her for a letter which she did and included it in the appeal. Yesterday morning the dreaded brown envelope droped through the door, so you can imagine my surprise when reading it they reversed their original decision and put me in the support group and I dont need to go to the tribunal. So to everyone who thinks that they might not get the appeal, there is sometimes light at the end of the tunnel, good luck to everyone who is still going through this process.

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Great news for u


Wow! That really is good news stitch, thank you for sharing it with us. Its good also to hear that you have a supportive gp, i too am lucky with my gp and when i read some of the other members blogs involving gp's from hell it makes my blood run cold, but can i be the first to say Congratulations! I just wish we heard a lot more stories like yours, a happy outcome.

Much Love....Charlii xx


How lovely to hear some positive news about this very glad for yoU



great news :) well done!



Its so good to hear you got it , its the stress it brings then we have more pain .im soo happy for you , im just starting with esa and questionare just gone off today . I will have to go to tribunal for dla tho, ive appealed , dont know how much more energy ive left xx


Hello, please help me

I receive DLA, but wondered would I be entitled to ESA not really sure what this is actually. Can anyone receive it

I hope somebody out there can help me


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