Atoms appointment arrived this morning!!!!!!!

evening fellow fibro sufferers. Well the atos appointment arrived this morning, its in 2 weeks time, Friday 8th Feb. I was wondering if any of you lovely people can give me any advice on how to handle/approach said assessment. Do I go in all guns blazing (body and mind willing) or do I take it easy, as I don't know what they'll ask. cheers ears x x

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  • my advice would be take someone with you tell them how it afects you at its worst.take as much supporting evidence u can with u eyen if u gave it to dwp as they dont pass it on. if you cant do any of the tasks they ask you to stand ur ground and say you cant do them no matter how nice they seem and say just try.they will then say u can do them they also lie and say u can do things u cant and twist awnsers u give them i know this because i got a copy of the report the so called medical nurse did on me we were able to prove this to be a farse also make a note of time interviwe starts and finishes this was also wrong on my report i had my benifets stopped but won tribunral to get them back good luck


  • Thanks linlit. I've organised someone to go with me. I'll grow a beard, won't wash or brush my teeth, dirty loose clothing, maybe a dog (ha ha). What as bunch of bastards *and that's polite*, anyhoo, I'll keep my wits about me, take my time, and make them late for the next 2 appointments. I'll keep you posted on the event. X

  • Hi

    Also remember you are on "remand" from the minute you arrive at the centre to the minute you leave, they will ask how you got there, they will observe how you walk into the centre, they will observe how you sit whilst waiting and they will watch you leave. They will make assumptions based on how you behave, how you look, how long you can sit down, how you move about.

    Treat the whole thing like you are taking an exam, be aware of everything you say as they will try and be nice to lull you into a false sense of security, they are not there for you, they are there to try and get you off benefits. Don't forget they get paid a cash incentive for every sick person they kick off benefits.

    Think carefully before you say anything and if you can record the medical. You have to ask Atos well in advance for them to record it but it is your right to do so. Phone them and ask for this to be done, if they can't do it on the day then re-arrange the appointment. Or tape it yourself. Atos can and will make up false information or they can distort the truth. if you have a recording then if it goes badly you will have much stronger grounds to appeal.

    I am sorry if this sounds realy grim but it is better to expect the worst and prepare for it, than be either naive or blase. I know from reading the expereince of others going through this process how many pitfalls and problems there are. In my opinion the WCA is not fit to be used as toilet paper but it is up to us to be better than Atos.

    Good luck and hope it goes well.

  • Thank you silver star, you superstar * I'll phone them Monday, re recording interview, should give them plenty of time to organise. They've sent me a list of stuff to take with me, meds, any medical reports, letters blah blah blah. Really didn't think they were that sneaky and ruthless, didn't really think I was that bloody gullible. Watchword sneaky and sly. Cheers ears, hope you have a good rest of the weekend. Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite x

  • I think it's important that you take someone with you not only for support but also for them to act as a witness for you (amazing how some medical reports end up as works of fiction). You should also be aware that everyone having an assessment can have it audio recorded if they wish - requests should be put in with ESA50 although I forgot to do that with hubby's but when the appointment came through I spoke with them & set one up for him.

  • Hi

    Hope your appointment goes ok , I have mine on the 11th at a stupid hour 9.20 am and they know I have to travel 30 odd mile to get there they changed it it was meant to be at 2.35 on 14th Feb, so god only knows hows I will manage to get there for this silly time , I'm thinking of writing to them to see if they will change the time , though I doubt it as my original app was meant to be Dec , I changed it due to family probs , they gave me a new 1 for the 5th Jan this was cancelled by me as the friend who was taking me car broke down on the way! so I got a new 1 for the 19th Jan but this was cancelled due to the snow , they then said 14th Feb 2.35 sent me the letter then the following day sent a new levels with the 11th at 9.20 , so even before I've got there they are messing me about. Can't see them letting me change the time though I will try . I have also been told if I want it recording to write to them and post it to sign for or they will say they never got it , I have also been told to take my mob in put it on silent and record it myself , but not to tell them which I think I will do . Not looking forward to this ataall , it sounds like we are on trial ! I'm half expecting a light to be shone in my face , bit like 've av vays of makin u talk , have the Germans landed again !! ? Hope your goes ok .

    Take care

    Mandy x

  • Oh Mandy my love, I think I'll do the same with my mobile, record it, as previously been told by the fabulous people on this wondrous fibro site. As a rule before I got this uninvited gust in my body, I took no shit of anybody, that was part of my job. I've been off work for nearly a year and ran a million £ account for a major company in one of the busiest stores in the country, but this bloody assessment has got me unerved, just hope I have my wits about. I hope yours goes well, chin up, and read what the lovely people have advised me what to do. Good luck, I'll keep you posted on what the gestapo are like x x

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