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I would like to apologise for my last blog. It was meant to be a thought provoking piece, but not to offend. I sincerely apologise. I know our blogs aren't meant to be political but it's difficult not to be when so much in the country is wrong. The most vulnerable in society seem to be paying for the wrong doing of the rich. Sorry. Will leave it there and hope to hear from you soon.

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hi Sweetiepie

You are right it is so hard not to comment on some issues but i do realise the line has to be drawn somewhere.

please take care x j


Hello Sweetiepie, thank you so much for your message. Please don't worry, it's all fine now. Let's look to the future and I sincerely hope you enjoy your time here at FibroAction, it's our pleasure to see you here.

(((hug))) xxx



Thank you for being big enough to apologise I respect that , as Libby says lets just put it all behind us and carry on

VG x


Thanks girls


Much love sweetiepie. xx


Hugs, Sweetie x I've often been guilty of posting heartfelt stuff on forum that I'm a membof of. Know how you feel. Yr piece was indeed thought-provoking. I wasn't offended by it at all. Shades of Brave New World.


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