Felting again :-)

Felting again :-)

I may well have shown this before, but as I am so foggy headed, I can't remember , but this started off as an attempt at wet felting which went wrong (as usual for me), so I decided to needle felt it instead. It is meant to be something like a hanging basket, again my technique needs to be refined, but as an early attempt the outcome is not too too bad.

Foggy x

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  • aw! I remember this Foggy when you'd not long finished wet felting it and now its even prettier :)

    very clever xxxzebxxx

  • Oh drat, I knew I'd mucked up and already shown you this......Foggy goes off to hunt for non-existant brain >>>>>>>>> :o :o :o

  • No I think you sent me a copy :) x

  • I'm helping you look Foggy ;)

    digging n digging n digging................. here it is :D Boing!

    :o :p :D

  • Ah ha.......... see, no brain whatsoever........ Lalalalala :D

  • it is very pretty lala xxxgins

  • Lalalalala indeedy, and confirms my need for a new brain immediately ;-) ;-)

    Foggy x

  • that's lovely :)

    I've not seen it before.

  • Aww thank you, it is very simple as it was my first real attempt at needle felting, so when people said it looked like a hanging basket I was so pleased, because that is exactly what I was basing it on ! :D :D

  • nor me i not seen it but i love it

  • We've either all lost our brains, most likely for me, or you've only shown this to a select few!!! (Just being cheeky.)

    You've done another good job Foggy, it looks really good. Well done.

    Is xx

  • Hi foggy I have not seen this befor it's very pretty and looks difficult to do very good

    I also would like to say how this this site realy cheers me up when i an down and how all the fun things make me smile thank you Cherokee (Karen )x

  • Wow that's gorgeous I'm glad you posted that so I could see it x

  • Lovely you are clever it really looks just like a hanging basket , its longer lasting to.

  • Very pretty like this

  • It's lovely, well done!

    I've not tried needle felting as not sure if it would set off my RSI but I did decide to start & have a shot at wet felting about 2 months ago. I started with some felt flowers for brooches & progressed to a small handbag last week. The lady in the shop where I've been buying my roving from said that if I made a mistake just stick the piece in an old pillow case, tie it up & stick it through a wash cycle. It works, saved a couple of pieces I tried to make using the resist method - don't think I rubbed/rolled them for long enough (even though my arms were really aching by the time I finished )!

    I've since seen a method on You Tube where an electric sander (inside a plastic bag to keep dry) was used to do the rubbing - almost tempted to tie a rope round my waist to brave the hell hole that is our garden shed to try find where ours might be!

    Have you tried Nuno felting? I fancy trying it but think that would need proper tuition rather than YouTube!

  • Hi Lima, sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I would love to try Nuno felting, it's right up my street, but I am trying to walk before attempting to run, that having been said someone ages ago gave me a rather plain silk scarf which may well morph into a tad of Nuno felting before too long :-) :-)

    Foggy x. (Hope you're doing ok ?)

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