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Officially lost it!

Hi All, the spa/gym at the local hotel has an open day today so thought I'd pop along to see what the facilities are like as GP and rheumy keep saying swimming is good exercise for me - don't much like swimming as it hurts my back and cold water makes everything seize up but ought to at least show willing pending promised hydrotherapy. Decided I'd better scrape off the winter foliage so as not to scare the natives in case I get the chance to try the pool out. Thought the foam was runnier than usual and my legs etc felt a bit sticky. Only when I was tidying up I realised I'd used hair mousse instead of shaving foam! I'm blaming fibro fog ... nothing to do with my age. At least my body parts should stay nicely in place :) x

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Hahaha! I've used hairspray under my arms before! I've also conditioned my hair before shampooing, though I blame that on poor eyesight without glasses! :-)


Haha - I've done the hairspray /deodorant swap, too!

We're all stiff enough already without glueing ourselves in place!

Moffy x


I,ve done the hairspray fly spray swap so now we use flypapers



I had to chuckle! I have used conditioner instead of shampoo before now and wondered why it wouldn't lather up! It took ages to rinse out.

I have to be really careful in the bathroom as I am usually in a fog and have caught myself unscrewing the haemorrhoid ointment instead of the toothpaste which could have been a bit nasty. At least my teeth wouldn't have developed piles!

We have to laugh at ourselves. I wonder who else has this much fun in the morning!

Love and hugs Saskia XX


Omg , it's just me then ? The stuff I've done in the bathroom is beyond stupid. Thought I was rubbing Vaseline onto my eye lids turned out to be Vic, I had a cold at the time so didn't smell it argh the pain thought my eyes would never stop watering , food the toothpaste n spot ointment cream , conditioner instead of shampoo , hairspray instead of deo , I've even managed to pour baby oil on my hair instead of shampoo , that took ages to wash out . Good job we can laugh now about it I'm just glad I'm not alone


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