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Would love to wake up pain free -- or at least with less pain?!?!

Would love to wake up pain free -- or at least with less pain?!?!

How's everyone today?! I was really terrible yesterday - had to take extra painkillers but I muscled through!!! I was a work and was busy so helped take my mind off the pain although I was a bit ditsy by the end of the day!!! Hoping the back settles a bit so I can get back to the gym this week!!! I wonder if I will ever wake up one morning with little or no pain!?! Ahh but I can dream!!!!

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Like you I dream of a day waking pain free.... I remember back to when I was in my teens and my friend lived with me, we shared a bedroom but not beds and I used to scare her for as I woke I sat straight up and then leapt out of bed.... Now my OH pulls me out of bed before he goes to work.... So unromantic, by the way I love your motto. We can't give in to fibro we just have to work with it to get the best out of each day

VG :)


Too true - we just have to be positive about the things we can manage to do.

I set my alarm an hour before I need to get up, so I can swallow my pain killers and rest while they take effect - then I can usually manage to get going. I can remember the days when I shot out of bed like you did, VG!

My daughter helps me if I get stuck -but she always falls about laffin' - which at least cheers me up! She is a little gem, and I don't know what I would do without her.

I'm sorry you have a bad back nutzieone - that must be really difficult. Today I am so plagued by my right wrist I am not sure how I will tackle the housework. My left hand will have to do all the work. It does all the typing already - which takes AGES!

Ah well - onwards and upwards!

Moffy x


Housework ,, housework, moffy housework is something you do as little as possible of and only when people are coming round... I collect my dust bunnies and make tiny sculptures... The only thing I actually do regularly in my house is the kitchen and the bathroom my oh and son vac and dust when there is so much it actually affects their ability to get in and out of a room, last time I MADE my son clean his room he found his English book that had been missing for two months

Lazy VG :(


Hi, to be honest I don't know what I would do without my kids making fun of me all the time, I have 3 sons the youngest is 19 and still at home, they have give me a new name and this is Sid ( don't want to offended anyone but it rhymes with fl*d ) they make me laugh when I just want to cry !!!! The other thing with them is that I know if I need them they would come as soon as they could. I was dreading Christmas Day as I just get so tired but boys being boys got themselves each a machine gun with soft foam bullets, it kept me going through the day as it transported back to when they were all under 10 and I was healthy :).

On the cleaning issue I've tried to keep the house nice but failed miserably but I relented and now have a cleaner who comes in on a Thursday for 2 hours and cleans all through the house, this has made me feel so much better having my house up to scratch again, love and soft cuddles to you all :) xxxx


thanks all. The idea of waking up early and taking meds is a good one as it is a struggle getting up!!!


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