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Incompetent DWP!!!!

This was a post wrtitten in ATOS Miracles, and as it contains some very useful and interesting info I'm passing it on xx

"How incompetent are the dwp?? I know that's a stupid question. I've just received a phone call from them informing me that they've mislaid/lost my appeal form so won't be able to continue with my claim. Yes I thought this was very convenient of them and told them so too. They didn't seem pleased when I informed them that I had took photocopies of it before handing it back to them so I would bring a copy to my local dwp so that they can continue with my claim. The bloke suddenly past me to his supervisor who tried to say they couldn't accept a photocopy of my appeal until I said that I'd spoken to C.A.B and my solicitor who had said that I can. He then told me that as soon as they receive my photocopy they'll continue with my appeal. My advise to everyone going through this is to photocopy and keep records of everything because the dwp/Atos etc will try and conveniently lose paperwork etc to get out of going through and appeal. Good luck to everyone going through this. We all need to stay strong and fight them for their wrong doings"

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Hello, Shortnsweet54

I have just picked up your blog. It obviously relates to someone else. Where did you find it? Is Atos Miracles an online site? It is hard to believe that :-

a) They can be so incompetent and

b) That they would imagine that we are all such imbeciles that we would fall for them saying they can't continue with an appeal without the original paperwork!

How very dare they!

Thank God the person in question had taken advice and knew what his/her rights are.

My husband has just gone down to post off my ESA50. He has photocopied it. I don't trust any dept. (wherever or whoever they are) so always take copies of everything.

I have been feeling very low and anxious but now the form will be winging its way to Atos I shall try to forget about it as best I can, although I am a born worrier and I know that in reality I shall be fretting about it in quiet moments (usually the middle of the night when I can't sleep......) but I shall try to stay strong and be optimistic.

We must not let these bullies win and it is essential that we all try to fight on to the best of our ability. Thank God for this wonderful site ( I am always saying that on here! ) as we can all help and support each other through our difficult times and advise each other where it is obvious that the "powers that be" are trying to trip us up with unfair questions and expectations.

Thank you so much for writing this blog and sharing this info.

Take care.

Love and hugs Saskia XX


I shouldn't get too het up about it, it could be a very long wait. I had to get mine in by the end of October last year, When I phoned the DWP asking for proof of benefits for the library - to get cheaper fines, reservations etc I asked about what had happened so far. Nothing.



The advice I received is always photocopy any forms or letters you send to Atos or the DWP because they can and do get lost and always use recorded post to send off any forms. It won't stop them losing it at their end but you can at least prove you sent it in good time. Especially useful if your form needs to be back by a certain date and of course keep the receipt.


Hi Saskia,

Sorry i should have explained, the name itself IS send up..."for all those that go before Lord Atos are cured and found fit for work...a miracle!!!" BUT...... if you check face book it is a genuine community site offering a lot of help and advice on Atos assessments, DWP etc. as per the post i put on here. There are so many that offer their advice and tell there stories, and i thought this would just highlight some of the shennanagins that go on.

Oh the dreaded ESA50...filled ANOTHER one in in Nov...19 weeks after being put into the support group. Do these wretched people EVER give up.Why must we relentlessly be harassed and persecuted??

I know the feeling of having it hanging over us, been there 3 times, so i can sympathise with what you say. Yes stay as strong as can be, there's nothing you can do till you hear back from them.

Wishing you all the best and I'm glad the post will be passed on, not everyone is aware of what they need to do.

Love and hugs back

Jan xx


That is exactly what happened to me. i went in to see why I had not been paid and was told I had not appealed. I said I had and gave them the date that I handed it in and told them exactly who I handed it in to. They went to a brown file and said if I had handed it in then it would be in there, it wasn't, of course it wasn't. Anyway I sat there and filled one in right in front of them and backdated it to the pther date of the first one. What could they do? So I got it sorted. They do not lose them accidentally, they are meeting targets. But alas my appeal was futile and while my health is getting considerably worse due to new problems arising, not fibro related, i am still apparently fit for work!!!! I wish anyone going through this all the luck in the world xxxxx


That happened to me once with a DLA claim, they then told me I'd changed my surname to Buchanan and even argued with me when I told them I hadn't! They then insisted I sent them my birth certificate and original proof of all name changes for my whole life, I sent them a letter back detailing my name changes along with a photocopy of the claim form but refused to send any original documents - did they really think I'd trust them after all that? I did offer to take documents into local office so they could be seen. They backed down in the end, but refused the claim :(


This just goes to show what a bunch of incompetents they are at times!!

Lindy i think i would have lost the plot, obviously they are not to be trusted...and as for you having to prove your names...what about them proving you are not the named person?? oooohhhh that would be a challenge then!!

None of us should be made to jump through hoops and endure the whole sorry shambolic biased system that is doomed to fail us.

Good luck to you all

Jan xx


Jan well done for keeping copies, it goes to show how vital it is to do this as we are so easily fobbed off and cancelled otherwise. I find it incredible that they would expect a person to claim from scratch because of their own incompetence.

So pleased you can proceed with your appeal, I wish you all the best for it.

(((hug))) xxx



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