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Can't sleep arrgghhhhh

So fed up another night where I've got no sleep. The covers are hurting my legs I don't understand it hoe can a duvet that weighs next to nothing hurt me just by brushing past my legs. Also I keep getting cramp and restless leg but this is day and night :( so I'm getting no rest I'm just lying here crying I can't cope much longer with everything. X

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Hi Nikk,

It has been a very long night hasn't it. I slept 11.00 till 2.oo then I lay in the warm trying to think like I was a 18 year old just in from snoggin some gorgeous boy, It did not work I was still awake at 5.00 I began the process of getting up.. I was sitting here working through stuff when oh appeared like Noggin the nog on a bad day (he had forgotten to put the bin out) dreams completely out of the door now. Hey ho the pain killers should start working soon.

Hun try not to cry it just messes up your face and gives you a headache on top of everything else. Wash your face go get a cup of tea it is soothing more so than coffee and read some of the post you will feel a bit better I am sure xxgins


As guns sorry you did not have much sleep either xxx I'm sat with a cup of tea trying to relax waiting for my doctor to visit x hope you manage to get a bit of rest too :) xx


hi I had the same problem with a duvet being heavy on my legs and also becosa I couldn't change duvet cover,i went back to having a sheet and blankets on my bed.still get some leg pain but nowhere near as much.


Good morning Nikk,Iam so sorry to hear that you are having all this trouble with your legs and not being able to sleep.Please do go and see your g.p and explain your symptoms.What meds are you taking?maybe you need a change of meds.It is so horrible when you can't get no sleep,I take dosulepin at night which does normally help me to sleep through but there have been times lately when I have been waking up in the night and I feel dreadful the next day so I really do feel for you.Have you got RLS?and if so,is there not any meds that can help with this?Iam sorry that I can't help you with this as I don't suffer with it myself but please do speak to your g.p about the sleep issue and leg cramps and possible RLS if you don't have it.I really hope that you get some releif soon,I can emphasise with how all the physical stuff gets you down as I've been feeling it myself with everything in flare for 3 months now,so hang on in there,we are all here for you xxx


Afternoon Haribo, my go is due to come and see me anytime before six,he comes fortnightly I am lucky that way. I will be mentioned the leg thing as I've not mentioned it too. You asked what medication I'm on well here we go x

AM..tramadol Sr 200mg, diazepam 5mg, gabapentin 300mg, morphine 120mg, paracetamol 1000mg

Lunch time..gabapentin 300mg, paracetamol 1000mg, tramadol 100mg

Dinner time..tramadol 100mg,paracetamol 1000mg

Bedtime...tramadol 200mg, gabapentin 300mg, diazepam 5mg, amitriptyline 75mg, morphine 120mg, paracetamol 1000mg

And I also have oralmorph for anytime it is needed usually I need it I get taken out or in the night so I am on a lot of medication feeling very depressed about life in general too. I am trying to hang on in there, if I had nit found this group I can't tell you what might have happened.

I have spent months just being quiet with my doctor and just get my prescription but I have Been waiting so long for my Neuro appointment my doctor is going to have to help Me. Can I just ask though, was it your go or a hospital consultant that diagnosed you with fibromyalgia x I'm wondering if all this waiting is for nothing when I have almost all the sensory points and I'm positive I've got fibromyalgia we know our own bodies don't we xxxxxx


Good morning,you are on an aweful lot of medication.Have you got other conditions as well?Yes if your g.p is well informed about fibro then it can be either a rheumy or your g.p who can diagnose you.What was the outcome from seeing your g.p?xxx


Hi Haribo36, is RLS restless legs syndrome?


Hi there,yes it is xx


Hi Nikk,

I am sorry for another bad night............. the lot of us I guess.

I wanted to share something that I tried recently. I can't put on a duvet cover much less lift a duvet so I bought a soft fleece which helps to cushion my hips a bit and feels very nice on the body when lying down.I have not worked out covering my body as yet, but a fleece PJs keeps me warm at the moment.

Don't forget some warm horlicks or milk before snuggling down.

Best wishes x


Hi Lizzc, that sounds like a good idea,my mum's given me a large fleece blanket that is so soft I think I will try that tonight and see how I go. I have to find something as my body does not seem to keep a good temperature I'm either burning hot or ice cold. Thanks for the tip and I will let you know how I get on xxxx


I take ropinerole a dopamine tablet. I`ve been taking it for years, I also suffer 24hrs of the day and lor help me if I`m late taking it.I find that if I slplit the tablet in 2, taking half at night and half dinner time is usually enough.I also have an agreement with my doc that when I have RLS worse that I take on extra half a day for 2 or 3 days to settle it back down. I hope this will help you becouse it can become the worst form of torture, I once got to the stage when I wanted my legs removed,often you end up doing everything standing up and marking time Bus and car rides were hell the number of times that I just could not put up with sitting any longer and got out and walked.Were unbelieveable I once fell asleep when standing up at work luckily there was a wall behind me and I slid gently down it. I am also taking amptriptiline which is helping with the other sleep issues, having said that I spent most of last night hiding in the inner bedrooms of a tent. it was the only place that I could think of where the thousands of killer wasps couldn`t get


Morning hen I hav the same problem I hav to weat shorts to bed or roll my pj bottom above my knees I hav gone to a thin blanket when cold wrapp up in quilt cover till legs start hurting again iv even tried making a make shirt unit like in hospital to tale wieght of legs ask your doc for help you can't go on like this I know I did it for a few years I still hav pain and legs jumping but lack of sleepis worse chin up hen get help xx shazza


Sorry you had such a bad night. Re the pain from bedding. I have a small wooden framething that OH knocked up. I wrap the duvet over it so I am warm but the duvet doesn't touch my legs.




I feel very sorry for yoy, I get the same thing and often feel nobody undersands. I often get only 2 to 3 hours sleep at night, desperate! I am going to ask my doctor for timed relief painkillers at night, as I think tge pain not only wakes me, but keeps me awake. I hope you find some relief, and sadly you are not alone.

Hugs Cazx


Sweetie, I know that you want to sleep so much, the urge to keep materials

off of your legs..the body gets very sensitive to certain materials, hates to

be confined or under a blanket...I have that myself..Lotion will help your legs to

not be so sensitive to the blankets or whatever is irritating the skin..It's okay

to fall asleep without covers on..I do but i also use a giant body pillow to Keep

my hips in alignment, I hug it and it keeps me warmer without having to have

a blanket on my body..The materials that are used to lay on or cover up with

should be feeling pleasant on your skin..Bamboo works best for stays cool,

is super light and the surface is pick free..You could treat yourself to some Bamboo

sheets..The materials that you wear during the day are probably cotton, have some

type of smooth material...sometimes tee shirt material sheets or Jersey sheets

feel alright but I swear by keep me cool..You might want to find your

communities button and go over to RLS forum to see if you fit in there..Yes,

restless leg syndrome symptoms match yours perfectly..Good Luck. xx


Hi Nikk it difficult isn't it?

I find the duvet is too heavy so I can't move sometimes and I feel paralysed when I wake up which is frightening of course! The pressure of a lot of things hurts my body regarding bedding, clothes etc and I don't know what to suggest to prevent it but I can say you are not alone and I also was awake for most the night and every night for about ten days now and I sleep when I fall asleep. usually for approx. 3 hours at a time.

If you can get 2 blocks of 3 to 4 hours sleep within 24 hours it is said to reasonable for people like us with a chronic pain condition (as told by pain management team in Sunderland). It is also recommend that we practice at least one half hour session of relaxation a day as it mimics sleep and helps the body to get rid of the toxins that help to cause pain :) I am a strong advocate of this and have put up several relaxation posts if you'd like to check them out. Some of them can be found under symptoms/treatments :)

I hope you get some relief soon, I'm sending you sleepy but happy fluffies cuddles

:) xxxzebxxx :)


My doctor put me on Amitriptyline and that has helped I take it between 6 and 8 pm in the evening and manage to get a good sleep. As I had the horrible restless leg and could not get any sleep. It is only other things that keep me awake now but not often. But it can make you sleepy in the morning sometimes not normally with it till dinnertime.


Hi i use arnica gel on my legs every night its all natural you can use it when ever you need it.i hardly get any sleep.this should help,i have used it for years now.


Poor you, poor me, poor us! Yes, I think sleeplessness makes it almost impossible to function like a normal human being. And the people around us often don't notice that we're knackered and just struggling along on auto-pilot. I couldn't take a word in at work this morning. Sleep tips: I'm all for using relaxing lavender candle at bedtime, a squirt of lavendar eau de toilette on my pillow and lavender massage oil on any bits I fancy putting it on (have learnt not to ask hubby because his idea of a gentle massage gives me bruises). I drink red bush tea now to avoid the caffeine in regular tea. I take it with milk and have grown to love it (it takes a while!). But like you I only got 2 or 3 hours sleep last night. In a bit of a flare up and my meds (gabapentin and amitriptaline) don''t seem to be working.... Hope you get a better night sleep soon.

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I cant stand the duvet on my legs either even though it is a lightweight one. I have some kingsize fluffy throws that I now use and find them to be brilliant, nice and warm and dont trouble my legs (bought from TKMAXX). I even have one as a bottom sheet as they are really snug and dont aggravate skin problems.


Hi. I often find the duvet too heavy but have not found anything else that keeps me warm.\ I take amitripylne and it does help. I find the best time to sleep is after the alarm goes off nd before my carer comes, she usually has to warm me up.


Hi! I also have sleep problems but I find if I take night nurse it helps me sleep, so it might be worth a try!


last night I was so tired going to bed my eyes were stinging but still woke at 2 then 4 and so on, I have got a little more comfort lately by putting a duvet under bottom sheet.


Hi Nikki, It's horrible having restless legs and so painful, luckly I only get it now again and use diazapam which relaxes me enough to sleep. Hope that helps....hugs x


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