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Hi all haven't been on for ages, yet again i ve got another medical on the 22nd January, this is my 3rd one now, but i wont give up even though it still scares the hell out of me, i have Fibro, ME, Buldging discs, Degenerative of the lower back and Osteoarthris of the back plus the pain in my neck, hands,arms,knees and hips which is really painful every morning. When i received my letter about medical, i got straight on the phone to them and told them i want my interview recording and a copy as what you say and what they write are 2 different things. Yesterday i have received comfirmation that there will be a recorder there and will be given a copy, this time i have been to my doctors and has wrote a letter for me to take fingers crossed the letter helps me.

Has anybody else on this site had there interview recorded and if so would you be able to let me know what to expect please. I could write loads about the pain iam having ect but wont bore you all with that lol.

Soft Hugs to all Paula xx

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I arranged to have my husband's re-assessment WCA recorded (for the same reasons you are requesting yours) and all it consisted of was a dual cassette deck tape recorder with a microphone on the desk beside the assessor and another on the desk beside us. His assessment was more like an interview and no real physical examination was carried out. It was over in about 20 minutes, less than half the time of the original one. At the end of the assessment we were given a cassette tape with our copy of the interview - not even listened to it as we don't have a cassette machine anymore.

I can only go by our experience, so although hubby didn't get the physical assessment he had before this may not be the case in all recorded assessments.


My dad comes with a large pad and pen,to write things down,he dr asked him who he was and he said he was here just to represent,me the Dr really didn't like that because my dad wouldn't give him any infomation to who he was ,which isn't any of there business,because you are allowed to take someone in the room with you ,but the Dr glared at him all the way through the appointment,that was last year,now I have the forms come so I know I have another coming up :( really nervouse .


I was totally unaware that the assessment could be recorded, can you bring ur own recording device?


Hello there Paula, there is a multitude of comments about this and whether it's permissible, possible etc on the internet, but from what I can gather ATOS are not happy when written notes are made when attending a medical etc., but you have the right to do this. Some people have even been asked to hand over their notes.

Regarding recording, this is a bit sketchy. What Lima says above is true, ATOS can record interviews with a double deck, the same type they use in police interviews. You are entitled to a copy of the recording which is on cassette tape. I am not sure whether it is permissible for you to make recordings and I have heard that when others have made recorded evidence it has been ignored at appeals because it has been obtained in what they consider to be an underhand way. Hope that makes sense.

It would be good to hear of others' experiences in this respect as there is a lot of conflicting info around on this subject so many thanks for raising this issue.

Apologies in advance if I am incorrect, the information above is to the best of my current knowledge. If anyone knows differently please mention this. :)

(((hug))) xxx



I would add to this by saying that I have heard on occasions when it is suspected that recordings are being made without ATOS permission, that the interviews have been suspended. Also the same for when making notes, again comments welcome on this if it's happened to you.

There is some info on this on the Benefits and Work website so I would assume this might be the case.

You are entitled to take notes at interviews even if ATOS don't appear happy about this.


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