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Hair loss


Hi there,

Im 23 years of age and have been suffering with fibro/cfs since i was 14 but was diagnosed in 2010. recently i have noticed that my thick hair is falling out in clumps and have random bald bits at the front of my hair line. does anybody else suffer from this?

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I don't but hair loss can be caused by many things including stress, illness and reaction to meds. It is probably best to speak to your doctors as they can help pin point the reason

Piggie hugs xxx

I've not heard of CFS or Fibro causing hair loss. I think the best thing is to see your doctor ASAP and get the cause determined and see what treatment will be suitable for it.

((((( gentle hugs )))))

Julie xx

Hi I have had fibro for 7 years, suffered hair loss about 5 years ago, it did thicken again, but I now feel it is thinning out again, the Doc did say it could have been caused by truama 5 years ago,. but as the said above probably best to talk to your Gp... (((SOFT WARM HUGS)))

I've had alopecia since I was 12 (now aged 50). There are many causes including trauma, stress, have your meds changed recently? can also be related to thyroid problems. Most people find that hair regrows and they may not even find out why it happenend in the 1st place, but it is a sign that things aren't functioning properly and you should go see your gp. Wish you all the best. :)

This sounds like alopecia areata - a type of hair loss often associated with stress and illness. I have had this on and off since my teens, and it's a real b*@!

See your GP who will probably tell you there's no cure, but get him to send you to a dermatologist in any case, as you should eliminate other causes.

I have used Minoxidil lotion on my scalp for the last two years, and that has helped a lot - my hair is appreciably thicker, but is still a nuisance at times.

Ah well, if it gets really bad, there are amazing wigs and hair extensions to be had these days, so make the best of it - it's unlikely to be permanent, it tends to come and go.

Hugs with occasional thin patches ... Moffy x

donna67 in reply to ladymoth

Yes I agree my daughter suffers with alopecia areata but it could be a number of things would say like the others see a dr ASAP and see what they say good luck I no loosing ones hair is very upsetting for you sending hugs x


In addition to all of the other great advice, you might want to get your GP to check your vitamin D levels as this too can lead to hair loss. Vit D deficiency is very common if you have Fibro. Good luck! Jane x

Just to chip in, I've had moderate hair-loss and thinning for a few years (a good haircut is worth every penny!), but mine is due to polycystic ovarian syndrome, which tends to give 'male pattern baldness' - in my case, at the front of the head. Also, if you're on steroids for any condition, these are known to cause baldness, too.

Sara xx


Hiya, I am 24 and I have the same problem. I find it worsens with the stress, so try and de stress if possible. I find the Apecin (sp) shampoo helps x

Thank you all for replying to my question. I was starting to worry that it was just me lol. Im going to speak to my doctor next week so will tell him my concerns. Fibro is a horrible illness:-(

Gentle hugs xxx

Pam :-)

If you miss the old Nioxin tablets, try using Reloxe from they have the tablets, they offer improved effects and is a lot cheaper.

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