Pedal exerciser review

Pedal exerciser review

Well sometime round about Christmas I bought a lightweight pedal exerciser for the arms and legs, although the top half of my body decided to cave in my bottom half has behaved fairly well so I decided to make it suffer too and try the pedaler ... So with no resistance set I have sat in my comfy chair pedalling away for 5 mins each day...... ARGGHHHH by the end of five minutes gentle pedalling my inner thighs feel I have been cast back into the early 70s where those wrestlers on world of sport in impossibly tight trunks held their opponents in head locks with their thighs.... It Definately works for the seriously unfit... I would recommend this ... And then I won't be the only one with jelly thighs

Grins evilly


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  • I really need to see an Optician VG, is that a large fish bent double on a bike or are my eyes playing tricks on me today! :O

    You now have inner thighs of cast iron VG, I am sure they will come in handy for opening tight jars and bottle tops, for goodness sake be careful! You will be ditching the Bridget Jones undies in favour of something more lacey at this rate with your newly formed thighs lol! :P ;)

    The mind boggles! ;)


  • lol @ Liberty :-D

    well done VG on getting it going with some exercise. hope it continues to work for you xx

  • It is indeed a large fat fish on a penny farthing, Shows how long ago I exercised I bought that bike new!!!!!!!

    Thighs of steel.... I wish I,m afraid they are more like thighs of rice pudding puts away leather cat woman suit for another year


  • Haha! I have this vision, trying not to think about it! lol! :O

    You know what they say about Weebles VG, they wobble but they don't fall down, your thighs will save you! ;)


  • Loving the picture!! well ....the pedal exerciser that I thought I'd ordered but then thought I'd dream t it because I could find no record of it,IS COMING!!! WHOOP WHOOP!! see I'm not mad (stupid fibro fog) soon I too will be peddalling away and be rivaling VG in the thigh department!(not sure about the fish though!!)

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