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its ok, its a cold

I asked a few days ago if I had hayfever, but im thinking its a horrid cold as got a tickling relentless cougha,temp, feel cold, sneezes, puffy eyes, headache and a nose like ruldolf!

feels like ive been in a fight as my ribs hurt so bad from coughing. havnt eaten a meal for 3 days as coughing is making me sick (sorry I know that's gros). tried to hoover today and felt like I had walked up a mountain! lol.

cant ask hubby to help me as he gets grumpy. im sleeping on the sofa as hes worried about catching my germs.

come on body,send in the white blood cell soldiers and destroy this cold germ quickly xx

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Oh poor old you - there is nothing quite as nasty as a summer cold. Keep warm drink lots feel better soon/ xxgins


Hi caninecrazy :)

So sorry to hear that you're suffering this way it happens to me every Spring. For about ten years I always felt like I had flu/cold and be very ill so treated the flu/cold. One day someone gave me an antihistamine and it cleared up a bit so I took some again the following day and felt like brand new......... ish!! I had been dealing with hayfever all that time as I react badly to tree pollen and later in the year to elderflower of which they are everywhere around where I live :o

Of course I speak of my own experiences and this is not necessarily the same case for you so I advise speaking to your GP or local pharmacist for some advice and possible treatment so that it will help you to get better :) It may even be a combination of both :o

I would like to give you this link to a Post from the past which contains my recipe for what I call 'Witches Brew' that I use for colds, flu, nasal and chesty complaints and for general cleansing/detoxing purposes.

Remember that I am not a medical professional just sharing some info with a fellow fibromite and that my recipe is just that! my own personal recipe which I like to share as it works a treat for me and my family and friends :)

Hope you like!?! and wish you wellness soon :)

Bug busting fluffies filled with sunshine smiles heading your way :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Hi my friend :-) you mention about elderflower causing you problems so I thought I would share this with you, of course you know I'm not a medic just a numpty in the countryside, but a friend always suffered very badly until I got her to drink my homemade elderflower cordial and it was almost like magic within a few days her reaction to elderflowers had vanished. Now of course there is a term for this but I'm having a particularly foggy day today lalalala.......and can't possibly bring it to mind.

However, within the week I will no doubt be embarking on my annual elderflower cordial making, so let me know if you would like some :-) :-)

.......... totters off to look for missing brain, round and round in circles :o :p

Foggy x


Sounds marvelous my friend :)

One of my treatments is a well known nasal spray which is elderflower and it works though it's ghastly :o Weird isn't it!

Your home made cordial souds very good :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Hi caninecrazy

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your issue.

It is just a thought? But could you not make your hubby sleep on the sofa (if he is the one that is worried?) and you have a nice comfortable bed to sleep in since you are poorly?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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If its gone on more than 10 days please go back to gp - my son & I are just finishing a week of antibiotics cos the cold then became chest infection. Gp said theres a lot of nasty bugs about atm.

zeb - wish Id seen that post earlier!

Oh, LOCAL honey is fab for hayfever, also your local bee keepers & economy!


thankyou everyone for your advice. ive honey in the cupboard so having two spoons of that a day to soothe my throat.

dear ken, my hubbys nick name is victor (mr meldrew from one foot in the grave sitcom) as hes a grumpy old goat at the best of times. he complains when I cough so its easir that I sleep on the sofa. my dogs don't mind as they snuggle up to me :) x


You may need to see the doctor, sounds like what my daughter had a month ago.


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