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A pain in the mouth

I am just experiencing my second bout in a matter of weeks very painful mouth ulcers. They crop up on the inside of my mouth and tongue and i have trouble eating.

Also my jaw is involuntarly clenched all the time so 2 of my back teeth are now broken and i have very bad facial pain down the same side. Does anyone have any advice please?

Much Love....Charlii xx

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Hello Charlii, thanks for your message. I am so sorry you are having all these dental and mouth problems.

We had a similar discussion recently with another member who I think you would be able to relate to as the symptoms are similar. You may have TMJD, here is the discussion -


Here is another discussion for you on TMJD. It might be worth popping along to your GP and also your dentist about this.


I hope you get some help for this soon and some relief too my dear.

(((hug))) xxx



Do also mention the recurring mouth ulcers to your doctors. They can be a sign of autoimmune conditions, but may also be because of many things, such as biting your cheek.

If myofascial release is an option (it's usually only available privately) then I have personally found this very helpful for TMJD. You do need a specialist and experienced practitioner though.


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