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Joint pain only?

Hi, as I posted recently, I was told last year that I had fibro secondary to seroneg arthritis but was recently told they think all my pain is due to fibro. I'm not convinced they've got it right as most posts I've read here indicate different pain patterns to mine. Does anyone only ever get pain in their joints? If so, have steroid injections relieved it? Also, does it act as a barometer and let you know when it's about to get damp? Sorry it's so many questions in one go but I'm trying to get to grips with my new diagnosis and decide whether I need to shut up and accept what they say or keep pushing for scans. Thanks x

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Hi Misty

that is the diagnosis i was given an inflammatory arthritis

i do get joint pain without fibro and have had steroid injections in my hip joint which worked brilliantly as they deal with the inflammation at source , the only downside was having to go on bed rest for 48 hrs but think that may be because of birth defect, my joints are different to other peoples as my pelvis didn't grow to the correct size

Oh yes i certainly do know when the weather is going to change as does my Mum who also has arthritis, i find very hot weather bad too, they do say its to do with air pressure

It is so hard when you get yet another condition and accepting it is one of the hardest things

but you do have arthritis so i wouldn't "shut up " because arthritis can be damaging and needs keeping an eye on

I have found that i can tell the difference with fibro versus arth pain now and tell them both to shut up and go party somewhere else hmm as if ha ha

please feel free to message me ,

take care xJ


I get pain in all my joints although I dont have osteoarthritis in them all. steriod injections haven't helped for me in the past, nor acupuncture, but that did help my neck.

I have bene a human barometer all my life, years ago they said it was just rheumatism, but I dont necessary find its the damp weather that sets off the pain it the changing of the weather, and as that changes every day in this country I cant shift the pain!! My understanding of Fibro is that no too patients are alike. pain shifts around our bodies all the time, one may be there one day isn't the same the next, but its often hard to be taken seriously. It seems that doctors are more interested in acute pain rather than chronic pain xx


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