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any ideas

I recently spent my Chrismas in Tenerife which i have said before.My partner want's us to go back in march,he is on the verge of booking it,i am very worried though because of my very painful experience.The lovely hot weather didn't help at all in fact i was in that much pain i could hardly move without whincing,i had a terrible time.I think i had water retention if that's correct term,i felt heavy and swollen,i had swellings in the most weirdest places like on top of my forearm ,on top of my thigh ,on my upper arm ,it goes on.If i said to my partner i don't want to go he wouldn't hesitate and say that's fine then we wont go,but i really do want to go,he works hard and needs his holidays.Does anyone know the reason for me experiencing a very painful time,or shall i not go.jacksie

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I wish I could help. I've found going abroad helps my pain a bit. Although if its extra humid it worsens. Maybe that's why we're so bad here in the UK?!


I live in a hot climste and have found overall I cope better when its cold. You probably also have weather related pain. Hot weather can cause water retention, or feel so. Im like a floppy doll in the heat. Why not go to Grand Caneria, close to tenerife. Caneria has different parts having different weather at same time. Do some homework on internet. Canaeria may be able to please you both. Let me know...


Hello Jacksie, sorry to hear all this. With having Fibromyalgia our senses can be heightened and we can be super sensitive to heat, temperature, sound, light, touch, taste etc.

If you click on the link below it will take you to an article on our main site at FibroAction where it explains about sensitivites etc -

I hope you find this helpful.

(((hug))) xxx



Hi Jacksie,

Inflammation is not a symptom of FM. You may have polymyalgia, which has all the symptoms of FM, but with swelling around the joints. I believe polymyalgia is successfully treated with steroids - check it out with your GP/specialist. Good luck.


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