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I am on board this ship today if anyone needs a chat or bit of support

Anyone feeling low or just wants brightening up ,

I will try help and support you today.

Sometimes when you want some one they not always there.

(actually in great need of putting feet up and will do)

So here i am xxxxxxxx

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morning , today i feel like that , housework needs doing extra but havnt got the streath to do it , being home allday bordem sets it , my pc on all day ,i dont no about you , fancy a chat get in touch


tink xx


Hiya Caroline tried to reply to you but couldn't for some reason so commented on my own blog for you....hope you haven't got toooooo bored today hugs vikki xxx


omg its just deleted my reply!!

its really playing up today.

Hi Vikki,

i just saying had to log in tons of times today no wander whats goin on lol.

how are you vikki today i think i did respond to your blog i hope it did anyway as my laptop cuts off too .

xx hugs to you both xx


oh no i missed you !! oh well next time xx


Hey iris

Not quite missed just late haha i was wandering around the board but you was hiding!!

I should of called out your name and give a signal haha xx


Hello everyone, I am on board as normal, if anyone needs me, just shout or private message me - always happy to try to help and support where I can.

Hope everyone manages to have a good day today.

(((hug))) xxx



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