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Burning mouth

Hi! Does anyone suffer with the feeling that your mouth is burning? My lips also feel burnt and fizzy and sometimes look swollen with small raised blisters and my skin around my mouth feels irritated. It always gets worse when I feel unwell, which I do at the moment! It gets worse as the day goes on and is driving me mad. The dr gave me antihistamines, but they have no effect.

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Hi honey,

i have facial burning and jaw burning and often have a sore mouth but touch wood am doing something rite in regards to the sore mouth at minute (every thing i ate made it very sore)

although i have facial and jaw burning and itching had for about a year come february so its lasted a long time, i have corsodyl for the sore mouth (just incase you have a sore mouth)

i get tingling too.

I started with sharp herendous shooting pains in my face near my jaw and everything i touched was very very sensitive a year and half later i still get the very odd sharp dull shooting aching in my face but suffer burning terribly. (yours is in your mouth)

There is a condition actually called Burning mouth syndrome but it is something you have to see your Dr about 1st as i am not a medical profession

There are a number of possible causes of burning mouth syndrome, including:

damage to nerves that control pain and taste

hormonal changes

dry mouth, which can be caused by many medicines and disorders such as Sjögren’s syndrome or diabetes

nutritional deficiencies

oral candidiasis, a fungal infection in the mouth

acid reflux

poorly-fitting dentures or allergies to denture materials

anxiety and depression

Some of the things we suffer are down to the condition but not everything is.

it can be down to underlying conditions or medicine, so always best to have checked out 1st!

have you spoken to GP about this have you had something different or been given different medication?

hope you get an answer and some relief soon xx

hugs caroline xxxxx


Hi Caroline, thanks for that. I'm off to see the GP this afternoon. I've raised this issue before but it's just ignored or I'm told to keep a food diary!! Fingers crossed for an understanding doc this afternoon!!


Debs :)


Sorry I have no advice but have simular symptoms so wanted to see what advice you got. Please post how you get on with the dr


Hi copdber, unfortunately I had no luck with the dr and all she wanted to give me was antidepressants! She could be right that these strange symptoms are anxiety related, but I'm not prepared to take drugs and feel worse! So, sorry I can't help :(

Good luck,



Hello Honey, sorry to hear about this. I would suggest that you go back to your GP and mention that the antihistamines haven't helped and that you may require another treatment.

**Burning tongue, mouth and abnormal tastes (scalded, bad or metallic) are not uncommon with Fibromyalgia, but it is advisable to get these symptoms checked out by your GP or possibly your Dentist to rule out dental problems.**

Have you considered asking for a referral or perhaps getting a second opinion if you don't feel you are getting the understanding that you need. Sometimes seeing another GP can make all the difference or being referred to a Consultant.

I hope you feel better soon. Take care.

(((hug))) xxx



Thanks again!! I've been to the dentist, he thinks it's nerve related! The GP didn't think it necessary to see a rheumatologist....need to think about this and the best way forward.

Take care.

Debs xx


If it is nerve related then a Neurologist might be the best course of action as the next step. :)


I suffered terribly with this. I couldn't even use minty toothpaste as it was so painful. My GP diagnosed deficiency in Vitamin B12 after a blood test. I had one injection which seemed to help a little but I've noticed it's come back again. XX


Thanks sue, sorry to hear things have come back again, time to go back to the Dr....good luck!



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