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Newly diagnosed and determined not to let this beat me

Hi there

I am newly diagnosed with fibro having undergone lots of tests including for SLE - I was lucky really as everything else was ruled out and I had a fairly quick diagnosis (though have been ill for around four years, it has got bad the past two). Anyway I am determined this won't beat me (well, at least today, on other days it is a different story LOL!). I am now on medication, seeing a physio (who is also gorgeous - hey gotta get something out of this nightmare!), and following a push from gorge physio, have managed pilates DVD yesterday and today. I have to say if it wasn't for gorge physio I wouldn't have done it - I am so fatigued (just had to up my medication because of it) but I thought positive - start the DVD and if you have to stop, stop. So I did - and I finished it both days. And I have to say it did actually energise me - I managed to put all the washing away which has been there for weeks and make lamb stew and dumplings for tea! Hoorah. If only I knew every day could be like this - will I pay the price tomorrow? Who knows. I am in work so that always kills me off a bit. But I like my New Year positiveness and am determined to carry it on. Therapy isn't the thing for me but I am even considering asking my GP if she thinks CBT will help - don't know whether any of you had benefited? would be good to know. Now I just have to sort out why my liver enzymes are elevated - being on this medical merry go round is exhausting in itself - and get my husband to read through all the fibro info so that he doesn't think I am insane and I will have cracked it (well, like I say for the moment anyway). I know my days of running a 10k have gone but at least today I have run the Fibro equivalent of one and it makes me feel more positive.

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Hi and welcome, glad you got a diagnosis so quickly .. I have never found CBT any use to me, I prefer to take as little meds as possible and pace, but as I don't work so that's easy for me to say. I have night meds and trigger point injections every three months.. There are loads of helpful people here and loads of information.... I sort of float round the board being stupid but it works for me :)

VG x


Well done you, being positive. Its not always easy but it makes the bad days less bad and the good days more hopeful. Keep the poitive vibes xxx


You have a lovely positive pro active personality. You are obviously not a victim but a survivor! Do take things carefully though. I find repetative movement causes a reaction, so vary things and listen to your body. Think you have your head screwed on by the sound of it. Welcome.


I love your positive attitude. Fibro won't go away and if you accept that then the only way to go is to be positive and learn to live with it, the good days and bad days

It helps if partners and family understand so you can say " I'me having a bad day, help me out."

Pace yourself properly and you will cope. Good luck.


Thanks for all your lovely comments and for taking the time to post replies. Today was tough but managed to get in work though not very productive! Little girl up in the night with bad dreams so very tired. Off to bed soon and hopefully will get lots done tomorrow to make up for today and pray no one noticed!


Hello and welcome to our lovely forum Melodypond, you are most welcome here!

Take a look around our Questions, Blogs and Tags, there is a wealth of information there, advice, support, personal experiences and friendship too! Please read our FibroAction Guidelines, you will find these under Blogs at the top, please select FibroAction Blogs and then scroll down. We ask all our new members to read these, many thanks.

There is also lots of info on our main site at FibroAction, please click on the link below to take you there -

If you have any worries or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask us, we are always only too happy to help. We all understand, we are all in the same boat here.

I hope you enjoy your time at FibroAction! :)



If you click on the link below it will take you to a discussion we had regarding CBT, I hope you find this helpful -



Thanks so much, I will take a look at that. Heard lots of mixed things about CBT, though I have a friend with MS who goes as far to say it saved her life.


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