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New to me this symptom

As a long suffer of raynalds with my fibro I have often wished for hot feet. What is it they say? Be careful what you wish for, my feet yesterday were red hot and althought they wern't swollen they felt it. I tried putting them above my torso on arm of sofa nad cool foot bath but nothing worked. Blooming painful. Today my legs feel like they are made of candy floss and all floaty.

My hands and arms are feeling really good so got the knitting needles out quick and have sat in the cool enjoying being able to knit. It won't last long it never does but so lovely to be able to do a loved hobby for a day.

Hope your all haveing a minor pain day :-)

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Hi, Hot feet is horrible i have been getting burning feet for a while now. I get the swollen sensation in my hands a lot.

Glad you have been able to do some knitting :)

Take Care and dont over do it.

Jo xx


I used to get hot but not swollen feet when I was pregnant! I agree about putting your feet up - I used to wrap them in cold wet towels too for some relief. Body Shop used to do a lovely pepermint cooling foot spay I'm not sure that they still do it perhaps Boots or Scholl do someting similar.

Julie xx


hi hun i used to love knitting but my fingers n hands wont let me now .my feet r always cold ,the weather wont help tho will it .take care xxxx


Hot feet are as bad as cold ones. Boots do a mint & tea tree cooling and conditioning spray.

I recently got a set of 2 cool pads for my pillow, but I use them for everything as they fold by three and you can freeze them too. best ever buy for swollen and hot feet in this heat. x


Having had cold feet and hot burning feet, I can honestly say they are both as bad. I find when my feet get hot, my legs get burning hot too and it's the shooting pains that make it worse. A Cold Freeze Spray is very soothing for red hot feet and legs. Nothing beats a hot water bottle for freezing cold feet, just placed beside them in my opinion. :)


Thanks so much for all your comments and I will be looking into the ways you have all had of combatting this new symptom of mine. I am feeling the knitting in my hands today but was so nice to be able to do a little bit. :-)


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