Fibromyalgia specialist???

I would really appreciate it if anyone can give me the name of a true fibromyalgia specialist inthe UK, I've been diagnosed for well over a year possibly two, the docs in southwest Cornwall have reached as far as they can and helped a great deal. I do however need more info this whole disability has taken control my life and no matter how hard I fight I can't seem to get the better of it!

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  • I feel exactly the same as you. How can something so deevastating and debilitating just happen to you. Then with no explanation you have, to learn to live with it.

    I have never seen a fibro specialist I; know other people have though maybe they can tell us their opinion.

  • would Exeter be a hospital you could get to ?

    my cousins daughter has lupus and she sees a consultant there not at Bristol which is much closer to her , I realise Lupus is different but its an auto immune disorder so he may ahve come across it x

  • Thank u both, Exeter is achievable, could u find out his name as my gp said he could refer me to anywhere in the country, it's definitely worth a try. Thanks again irisjoy. Tiddylf it's about time we counted as citizens and not just the 'oh get on with it' category where are our human rights? Sorry rant over,! :P

  • Hi,

    You could also try Dr Selwyn Richards of Poole Hospital (Dorset) - I have attached a link to his website, I have FM and RA, he has a special interest in FM.


  • Hi,

    I visit the NHS team under Prof Davies at London, St Guys and there is a clinic in Bristol too

    If you google FMS clinic, for details on their website

    I hope this helps


  • I saw a specialist in derby he also does big talks on fibromyalgia his name is dr ty and goes in the pain management clinic if his gone the hospital might be able to refer to we're he is good luck Hunni it's hard for all of us as the meaning n pain of fibro isn't getting out in the world enough maybe we could all come up with something ...wonders if the main fibromyalgia site has considered t.v or news ...very frustrating for sure x

  • Hi there I am presently having treatment by a lady in Derby she is a trained Chartered Physio and nutritonalist who has suffered with Fibro and has found through diet and eating correctly Fibro can be controlled.I have been without pain, more active, enjoying life, sleeping well and feel as of I have a life now all in 6 months..Look on the internet for Nora Wickinson MCSP Highly recommended.Good luck

  • Thanks again everybody, will look into all the answers you've all provided, I'll update soon x

  • Hi every one new to this site , can any one help me please I live in sheffield does any one know of a fibro / cfs doctor at the hospital's here in sheffield ? Thank you in advance Jane x x

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