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After leaving my last rheumatologist appt in tears I complained to my GP. He has referred me to a different hospital and my first appt is next Weds so fingers crossed they'll have a clue. At my last appt I was told there was no inflammation despite my ESR being at 17 and was told all my pain was fibro related and there is nothing they could do apart from prescribe me painkillers. I was told to google graduated exercise and learn to live with it. I'm hoping this new hospital will be more constructive.

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  • Dear SuzyB,

    Let's hope so . This is exactly what happened to me referred to another hospital for a second opinion and they were FAB... so fingers crossed for you too


  • Many thanks

  • Well I have my fingers crossed you get a good specialist this time some of them need a good kick up the backside. You need help and I am sorry that you didn't get it. The support of a good gp and specialist is crucial. Good luck with the new one. Elaine xx

  • Unfortunately the good GP at our surgery is leaving but maybe they'll replace him with another one

  • to be honest all they can give you for fibro is gapentin and ampitripline there is no cure for this illness. try and find a support group they will understand how you are feeling and give you ways to cope with fibro. hugs xxx

  • I'm on nothing for my fibro. I take plaquenil & methotrexate for my MCTD but was told the only thing that could be done for my fibro is to live on opiate based pain killers for the rest of my life and to learn to live with it. She also said if I wanted to find out more then to go home and google it.....

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