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When comedy makes you cry!

I am very careful what I watch on tv in the way of comedy. But when it comes to Mrs Browns Boys I really cannot help myself. I have all the dvds and I am getting ready to watch the new series. I missed it last night but it is repeated on BBC1 on Saturday. Anyway I watched some of the dvd instead and I laughed so much I was in agony all over and I was crying with laughter but also crying with the pain I was causing myself. I do not recommend it lol when the fibro is bad, it makes it much worse xxxxx

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I just love "Mrs Brown's Boys'" flipping fantastic always has my devil laugh appearing. When i really laugh i get a deep devilish undertone Paul say's it's like the devil laughing with me very strange i know also laughing lot's makes me cough uncontrolably and can leave my chest in bits but always so worth it :) :)


Yes same here with the coughing. Maybe we do ourselves no favours lol. Maybe Mrs Brown should be labelled as 'bad for your health' lol xxxxx


Well I am going to ignore your great advise and watch some of this comedy as not seen it before and I could sure do with a laugh. I will cope with the pain if necessary ;-) Need a good belly laugh xx


If you need a good belly laugh hun then Mrs Browns Boys is the way to do it. Do not forget what time it is on Saturday. I look forward to hearing what you think of it. It is a good promotion for Tena lady too lol xxxxx


Oh, Devon, if you've not seen it before you'll wet yourself!! It is the funniest thing I've ever seen. And as it's broadcast live any mistakes are seen too!! Strangely though I find the younger generation don't find it funny. My daughter, who's 29 says she just doesn't 'get it'! And a lot of her friends feel the same way. Maybe it's an age thing I don't know. I have the first series on DVD and my aunty bought me the 'live' DVD for Christmas!! Haven't watched it yet but I know I'm in for a really good laugh!! XX


My daughter is 22 and she said it is the best comedy she has ever seen. I got the live dvd for Xmas and then series 2 for my birthday. I am just waiting for the Xmas special to come out on dvd now lol. That was hilarious, I choked on my coffee when she fired the baby Jesus across the room. I watched the live dvd on Xmas day, all 2hrs and 7 mins of it. I laughed so much I cried and then some. Hope you enjoy it hun xxxxx


I know, that was sooooo funny!! I'll have to find time soon to watch me DVD!! XX


Its irish humour so some people wont get it but as were from belfast we find it hilarious and everyone of my kidz from my youngest whos 17 till my oldest whose 26 fall about in hysterics when its on :-) It deff chases away the blues amd distracts ya from the pain of fibro - evwn for a little while.


I love the Irish humour and always have done. It could be the Irish quarter of blood in me lol. But I also adore the Irish accent too. It does distract you fromt he apin but I am ten times worse once it is over, but well worth it. Long live Mrs Brown xxxxx


Best programme on tv ... Just makes me laugh and laugh .. We have all the dvd s watchng them over and over .they still make me laugh ..


I would never tire of it and when there is nothing else on out come the dvds. You are right, the best thing on tv xxxxxx


Well I got this weeks episode on the [;ayer thingy. Oh my I nearly needed the tena pads I was laughing till I cried. Then i went on to watch Miranda well I have to say it has cheered me up no end. I think I will have to record them infuture. Thanks for putting me onto such a funny program just the tonic xx


I am so glad you enjoyed it. If you ever get the chance to buy a dvd buy Mrs Browns Boys Live---too rude for tv, that is the full title. And blimey your sides willbe splitting lol. I like Miranda too. As for comedians I love Eddie Izzard, Julian Clarey and Sarah Millican(got both of her dvds but not watched the latest yet, saving it for a boring tv night). Hubby says my tastes in comedy match my warped sense of humour. Well if someone is going to be warped it may as well be me then xxxxx


Miranda was on graham norton recently with arnold schwarzeneiger [sp?] and ronnie corbett.

shetried to explain the 2 ronnies' "four candles" sketch to arnie! I've got it recorded and it is hilarious! I cried, I lost my breath & my stomach hurt I laughed so much.

I also watched Ken Dodd in "an audience with..." from the '90s on c4, clean silly humour - loved it! :D



Oh I love the 4 candle sketch!! There was another one they did....F U N E X?? Can't remember the rest....anyone help?? XXXX


Oooh I vaguely recall this was it something like

F U N E X?

9 V F N 10 E X

F U N E M?

9 V F N 10 E M

Y F N 2 N E X?

I F E 10 M

I seem to remember it went something like that, they were so funny those 2, love the one at the bar where Ronnie Barker was answering Corbett's sentences, fine comedy at its best were the 2 Ronnies.

Ass for Mrs Brown's Boys, HYSTERICAL!!!


I never thought you could beat the oldies for comedy though until Mrs Brown came along. Love thr ronnies, have dvd somewhere and I love the scene, fork handles-4 candles lol xxxxx


That's the one!!! Great thinkin' Goodie!! Thanks for the laugh!! XX


(RC - Ronnie Corbett, RB - Ronnie Barker)





Waitress (Carrying M) - LO



Waitress - LO

RC - F U N E X

RB - S. V F X

RC - F U N E M

RB - 9

RC - I F C D M

RB - V F N 10 E M

Waitress (Carrying M) - A. VFM

RC - R

RB - O

Waitress (Carrying M) - C. D M


RC - OK. M N X

RB - M N X

RC - F U N E T

RB - 1T

RC - OK. M X N T

RB - M X N T 4 1

Waitress - V F N 10 E X

RC - U Z U F X

RB - Y F N U N E X

Waitress - I F E T M




Lol just sadi that in one of the other replies xxxxx


Miranda, so funny xxxxx


Last year I was lucky enough to be in the audience of two of the Mrs Brown's Boys episodes, Super Mammy & New Mammy.

For Super Mammy (where she accidentally took some LSD tablets that Rory had found) I took one of my sister-in-law's who spent most of the 3 hours digging me in the ribs to tell me that her ribs were extremely sore cos she was laughing so much - so much so you can actually hear her in some places, notably when Dermot can't say his Cosmic Comic Book lines and again when Mammy falls off the hatch shelf when she thinks she's Superwoman. I'm not sure what was funnier - the recordings or what was going on in between scenes/takes when Brendan O'Carroll started telling jokes and stories.

I was already sore because I was just getting over a bad chest infection but later discovered that I'd managed to break some ribs - was it the coughing, me laughing so hard or my sister-in-law's elbow I'll never know for sure!

The cast were really good at meeting people - Rory did the rounds going round the foyer speaking to those of us waiting to go into the studio, having his photo taken & signing autograph, some came out after the recording to do the same - those in the audience who were smokers found themselves sharing the shelter with other cast members.


Love your replies and you are right, it is so funny. I remember Supermammy so well, I was crying with laughter and pain. Loved your other reply too xxxxx (it is just what I needed today if you read my latest blog, my fibro is through the roof tonight)


Love Mrs Browns Boys. Wish it was on longer on BBC1. Would watch it over and over again and still laugh so loud x


Well I will be in front of my tv ready for it to start at 10-05 tonight. I may even take some muchies up lol. I wish it was on longer too xxxxx


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