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Does age make a difference when claiming disability related benefits?

I'm 35 years old and I feel sort of guilty for having all the health issues I have: Chronic myalgia, hashimotos and Sjogren's syndrome. The fact that are not very viisble illnesses makes personally a bit better but also worse when it comes to making people understand what's wrong with me, and the fact that my body is more similar to the body of a healthy 65. I have my ESA medical soon and I wonder if the fact that what they'll see is a young person will smehow dictate them I must be alright. I absolutely hate when people say "You look fine", "You will be fine in time", "I had the same and now it's resolved" etc..people do not seem to understand the situation or know much about chronic illnesses - They obviously don't even understand what a chronic illness is.

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It did. Thanks very much, Chris - Lovely words always reassure.


good luck smily! xxx


i had one of those assesments back in october and got declined so had to take it to a tribunal which i have now won but the esa says i still need to go to work interveiws and look for work which i have to have someone with me all the time as i fall a lot of the time and as my memory is bad as well this could be difficult so make sure you have all infomation you can possibly have when you go they will tell you one thing and put something totally different in there report so good luck


If you won why do you have to look for a job I don't understand. Do you have DLA as well?


yes but only low rate care allowance i feel that the dwp believe its all in my head as they think fibro is not real i've got really depressed with it. they say it is curable i just need to change my cognitive thinking and attitude to the fibromyalgia but ive been living with this pain for years (from my teens) but diagnosed 5yrs ago and got worse since last summer im using crutches to walk with plus my wife or someone needs to be with me at all times as i fall alot but thats the goverment for us....


I read in an article about a conference in Manchester I think it was about all chronic illnesses which develop due to whiplash and neck traumas and fibro is one of them. To the conference went specialists from all over teh country and I read that some of them don NOT believe fibromialgia exists, which is absolutely appaling!!!! I'd say majority of docs and in time, where there is enough research UK-EU based, things will change and there will be a general awareness in this part of the world. It's so unfair what we have to go through just because of living in this part of the world. It really got to change. Yet, I'd say majority of specialists do believe in it - you had a very bad luck. If you get to be seen by the right specialist - you should be undrestood and treated fairly. people say you can demand to have to right specialist for your medical - if s/he doesn't suit you you can stop and cancell the medical until they get you the profesional you need. I guess they are making it really hard for you but you need to find one of these specialists.Did you appeal? What you are telling me is making me feel awful. You really need a good solicitor to help as well. I am sure most doctors out there agree with me.


Low rate care is this for ESA? You still have to look for work??? You go to the job center??? So what's the difefrence with Job seekers allowance?


Hi your medical assessment is for your ESA this has replaced Incapacity Benefit. When you received the reply from the medical it

will either say yes you have passed and you will be given ESA automatically.If you fail the medical appeal and send in a Doctors Note you do not have to look for a job or go on jobseekers. If you were previously receiving Incapacity payment your money will reduce. When the appeal is due to be heard you will receive a letter asking for any further info if you can get some further proof say letters from doctors hospitals physios etc you know what I mean anyone who is treating you. If they accept your evidence you appeal could be upheld if not it will go to tribunal. You MUST attend and GET SOMEONE to go with you. The result is obviously up to the tribunal. Whilst waiting for the tribunal make sure you send further supporting doctors note.

DLA (Disability Living Allowance) is completely different and has nothing to do with ESA.

You must ring the Department for Works and Pensions and ask for a DLA application form.

Fill in the form and be completely honest as to how your illness affects you.There are various levels of DLA

Care Allowance - Low - Medium - High

This is mostly given for night care.

Mobility - Low and High

Obviously for getting around.

If you get the Mobility at the highest rate you can also apply for a Blue Badge with gives you free car tax.

One more thought if you receive a rejection APPEAL APPEAL APPEAL dont give up

I know this infor may be a little late but I hope it helps and you are having a good day.

Bye for now Ax


Not late at all. Just on time. I am meeting my solicitor next week - she is specialised on benefits and is supposed to be quite good. dla sent e a letter only two weeks after applying not awarding me anything at all - I was honestly really surprised. My solicitor was fully booked and at the time told me to ask for a revision to gain a few weeks. I will meet her next week and let's see what happens.

As for my ESA medical, it was postponed because I had to wait over an hour and can't sit for over 20' or 30'. No I've got an appointment at 11:30 and honestly I am not sure if I may be in the same situation. I also drive there, which mans that to get there I have to already sit for that time. By the time I get there I am exhousted and feeling quite unwell-which it is significant when I always feel more or less unwell.

They said I can sit inside but not in the waiting room, so unless I get in sraight away I will be in the same situation. I really don't know what to do. And find hard to understand why they didn't think about this before when they are obviously deeling with ill people.


Unfortunately the dont only people who have the complaint do. By the way I dont know how true it is but I am told there are cameras everywhere which is not surprising as big brother watches us all the time.

I wish you all the very best and good luck in your quest. It sounds as though you are on the right road with a solicitor which brings up the question with all the help there is supposed to be why should you have to pay.

I would love to know ho you get on. Keep well and please dont give up.

Bye for now A x


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