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Ear Nose and Throat

I had a follow up appointment in the ear nose and throat department this morning I have had a cough for 14 months had 2 chest xrays both were clear ,Last time I went he said I had a small polyp and it was stopping my sinus from draining .he put me on medication to shrink the polyp, and also something for acid reflux which had been causing ulcers on my throat. Doctor said good morning is there any improvement .I told him my acid reflux had cleared up, but cough was no better but it is no worse He then asked if I had trouble swallowing my food and I had to say I have sometimes, is it painful and do you wash it down with liquid he asked I told him I did wash it down but sometimes the liquid didn't wash it down it just comes back up,but then I said the magic words I put that down to Fibromyalga. .Ah he said you have Fibromyalga .I think you are right the muscle in your throat is going into spasm, I don't think there is anything else going on ,but would you be willing to have an endoscopy just to make sure. and the cough is rhinitis. So two more things I have to put up with.Has anyone else had either these symptoms?

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Dear molly anna,

Unfortunately many people living with Fibromyalgia experience these symptoms , including myself.Rhinitis is widely mentioned to be associated with Fibromyalgia and I have experienced symptoms of this regularly

The swallowing symptoms may be associated to a condition called Sjogrens Syndrome but your consultant will diagnose you appropriately as the spasm of the muscle has also been mentioned on the forum

I personally have trouble swallowing food sometimes usually when I am very fatigued.

I hope the consultant can address your symptoms as there are prescribed medications that may be of help

Wishing you well



Thank you Emma I guessed it was the Fibromyalga, I have had a lot of investigations and all come back clear .or it is the Fibro.


often rhinitis or otherwise known as runny nose or post nasal drip can be caused by allergies, or polyps. I had to have various tests and was only found to be allergic to grass.

but in the end we put it down to acid reflux (GERD) which I have suffered with for many years. It seems to be worse when eating and hence causing the choking feeling and not being able to swallow properly. it's horrible when you eat out as you feel like you want to keep lowing your nose. not nice over dinner !

not eating late at night and sitting at a table to eat, rather from your lap, is helpful.

I found somewhere on google that acid reflux was connected to post nasel drip.

I can't afford to have a blocked nose because I need to be able to breath through it to use my CPAP Machine, so I find taking Ominiprazol daily and gaviscon advanced as an when I need the extra help, I had a gastroscopy to check for ulcers etc but luckily all they found was a hiatus hernia, which is the main cause if the acid reflux. for me it's just a matter of keeping it under control and making sure I eat very slowly, I never put any of it down to Fibro, mind you that was diagnosed many years before fibro was although I have been suffering with both for the past 15/16 years! I think I have sufferers with this all my life, but never connected it to anything really apart from blocked sinus....... lovey subject, but it's just one if those things lol xx


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