my new calender

my new calender

I have decided my days will no longer have numbers, week, months or years, I shall take steps, be they small or large , they will be my steps and I shall climb them or fall down them ,but I will never ever leave them. They will become my source of adventure, achievement and disappointment but most of all they will be my daily challenge. Win or lose I still will achieve by trying alone, so ! Fibropals join the step gang and achieve

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  • Nice.


  • good idea :)

  • Hi myfindhorn,

    What a great post ! I'm in the step gang too if ok !

    Happy New Year


  • Thats a good idea small steps lead to large adventures forward into the New Year xgins

  • Great idea but won't we miss appointments .... Can I join when I feel better please


  • Ooh, can I join please?? I really fancy being in a gang!! XX

  • Yeh myfindhorn -- fantastic idea -- lets all take "small steps" together -- we can help support each other along the way -- at the end of a week, or month we will have all achieved enough small steps to make a "large step" and hopefully made "positive progress!!" xx

  • Very good , well we might trip up as we use them or use our hands like a poochy to get up or use a guiding handle, but i see this as a lovely thing as the days i am able to get up, go out, or just do something is an achievement.

    I not really any goals for Next year as i find they dont always get done and then i feel down as say wish or if, so the steps are much better and if each day something New or a daily chore is done that will be better .

    Thanks for sharing this xxx caroline xxx

    Theres a song too step by step little by little

  • Ps so gang it is x

  • Everyone is welcome, and all we have to do is write in a wee something we did positive it does not have to be physical, it could be'

    a lovely memory that brings a smile to your face

    a embarrassing situation you have been in

    a meeting of a stranger that changed your life

    a day where nothing has gone right

    The most important thing is we have learned to laugh, cry and get right down and angry.

    This is a group effort we are all equal on this boat and if the boat leans too much to one side, some of us will need to move to get the balance right again.

    I shall start with a day at the school with the waulking group.( waulking the tweed singing traditional songs ) great fun.

    The group had been asked to go to our local schools and give them a history lesson on tweed. now this is all great fun and the kids join in and love it, and as always there are lots of questions and answers. Frances the leader tells the story of how the tweed is weaved and then is steeped in fluid in a great big wooden bath. First of all we ask the kids if they know what this big ceramic bowl was used for ( a chanty commonly known as a guzunda ) for guzunda the bed. Now it has been as far as the kids are concerned a : pot plant, a cooking bowl, a tea pot, a trifle dish, washing dolls clothes, a birdbath but best of all from a well to do school a wee boy said " a urinal " all the kids were rolling about laughing as they had already been waulking the cloth and were now smelling their hands. Urine was used in the old days to get rid of the oil in the wool and to stay the natural dyes, the waulking of the tweed was done to shrink the cloth and make it as water tight as possible.

    Remember the auld saying " they had'nt a pot to piss in " this came from the days of the old leather tannaries and tweed mills as urine was needed for both materials and the poor sold their urine and therefore if you were piss poor it was because you could not even afford to sell your own piss.

    Now remember we have not got to the stage of selling our own piss and urinals are a wee bit upmarket now and children are now realizing that some houses did not have toilets or bathrooms

  • Brilliant :)

  • I have just got to think of that wee boys serious and the look on the rest of the class's faces, precious

  • I love this and my positve thing is that it brought a smile to my face xxxxx

  • This is what it is ......smiles, lots and lots of them....................even when we feel down the others can find something positive to bring a smile

  • I think my permanent front is a smile, unless I am on my ownm which I was and you made me smile. For that I thank you from thr bottom of my heart xxxxx

  • New years eve and here I am with the Waulking group getting ready to perform in George Sq Glasgow and what a sight we looked all dressed up as Victorian Scottish islanders. In we go to the big marque where a group were already getting the audience going, there were 2 highland lassie's dancing , a piper and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sean Connery ( look alike ) and boy did he look like him. There he was in all his glory dressed in the Scottish plaid and telling tales of history, he looked that good that it took me ages to convince the OH that it was a look alike lol, we all had a great time and then off home for the Bells ( name for the Scottish NewYear ).

  • This morning I woke to find myself in someone else's body then, I realised it was mine, no heavy feeling, no blobby feeling everything was moving. I could still feel pain but it was clean pain, no sore neck,back,legs,hands......................I was so afraid to move in case it all came rushing back, but! no, my flare-up has gone and long may it last.....I WILL DO IT yes.

  • Count me in too, a great idea! :)

    A positive thing for me today was surviving today! A trip to the dentist taken by hubby as I don't normally go out much at all these days, I had a post screwed into my jaw and survived that. Also we took one of our dogs to the vets later this afternoon after having two operations last Friday for his post-ops check-up and I survived that too!

    It may not sound much but for someone who never really goes anywhere, I was really pleased and hubby told me he was proud of me too which was great! :D

    (((hug))) xxx


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