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Can anyone help me appeal my ESA to the WSG?

I have had ME and fibromyalgia for 13 years and had to give up work in 2004. I received incapacity benefit, which I had to attend health assessments for every two or so years. However I have now been placed on ESA and informed that this is due to expire shortly unless I appeal to join the Work Support Group (think that's what it's called!). I am so worried as I am in a very unsettled marriage, my husband drinker/non-supportive. I have a teenage daughter who is a young carer as I spend so much time sleeping or in pain. I am on morphine, venlafaxine, toprimate, and tramadol medication. Can anyone help me with my application as with the fibro fog, stress, tiredness etc, I don't know where to start!!!!!

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i only know of WRAG work related activity group or support group i can only think that you are in WRAG they only pay this for 1 year if you get contribution ESA if you are in the support group it is supposed to be indefinatly(i think that the word) but in reality its untill ur next medical then of we go again


Dileath if you email us on we will be happy to send you the info sheets from Benefits and Work on ESA and DLA for free. These have info on how to appeal when on ESA. I hope you find them helpful.

There is also on our main site at FibroAction about Benefits and Fibro, here is the link to take you there -

If there is anything you are unsure about, please feel free to ask, we are always only too happy to try to help.

You can also seek advice from the CAB (Citizen's Advice Bureau), they can help you fill in any benefit forms and also have invaluable advice on appealing etc.

Here is the link with more info - scroll down to see info on appealing etc -

Wishing you all the best Dileath, take care.

(((hug))) xxx



sorry to hear u have no support my husband used to be a drinker and very selfish but sinse i became ill he has become my rock he handles evrythformsing for me from fighting to get me diagnosed and then all my appeal with dwp all i can suggest is going to CAB they can give advice and help with filling in forms good luck


Get together any letters, notes etc from Dr or specialist and send them in with your appeal. I wrote to my mp and he really helped. Also if you have a D.I.A.L office near , make an appointment and they will go through any forms u need to fill in. Hope this helps x


I was told on the quiet NOT to use Fibro as the main cause for illness< the government doesnt recognise it apparently.(told by jobseekers advisor in confidence) use all other ailments, ie vertigo, ibs, angina back pain, tec etc then fibro at end. Always use your worst day, always appeal reduction in awards.


I had my dla reduced after 2 years on middle rate and gradually getting worse, carer, crutches, morphine etc then at renewal I was dropped to low. I have now been waiting over a year for appeal. Make sure you fight all the way for your entitlements x


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