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humour - further to fairycazzles "special"

I think I've told this before, but here goes -

there are times when you can curl up in a ball with embarrassment or brave it proudly & with humour.

1] I went to The Price is Right, the security man took me in the itv wheelchair to a level way in, the stage was set and it was minutes to film time.

we came to a sliding door, just passed a "star prize" a caravan.

Suddenly, the door slid back - and I was on the studio floor!!! cameras ready, Joe Pasqually ready!

What did I do? cringe? cry? No I waved to the audience and bowed - they CHEERED! and I got a round of applause from everyone! I did my regal wave and was seated - and no, they never picked me, but Joe kissed me during the interval.

2] I have a lovely friend who is a scouser, she has a high voice at times.

I was on the asda scooter at the very busy checkout, "Hiya San. what're you on that scooter for?"

people look, what to do?

so,in a voice like hers, I reply

"because I don't fit in a trolley!"

you could hear the laughter several lanes each side - uplifting.

sandra :)

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Rofl no I haven't heard you say those before



Does Joe really talk in that high voice normally?


yes such a nice man.


Hilarious love the trolley comment- need people near me more often to make me smile :) xxxxxx


Not heard you say these before hun, so so funny. But I never cringe anymore, takes up too much energy xxxxx


I'm never ready with witty remarks. Too big for a trolley is priceless!


Brilliant oh whish I had thought of that instead of trying to explain mysekf xgins oops fingers belong to someone else this am xgins


Brilliant Sandra! :D xxx


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