Running out of patience. Where do you turn to next?

I've been housebound since last summer. I am lucky in so far as I live in local council adapted bungalow, with nice neighbours, and the most wonderful 2 daughters anyone could wish for + 2 very special, lifelong-friends I couldn't imagine living without. I would challenge anyone to find a more caring and considerate g.p. + consultant. So why do I still have the nerve to complain? The walls are closing in on me. I have mobility scooter that i've used 3 times, because I can no longer manage the 3 steps in/out my front door! A ramp/gate widening/weather-safe socket to charge scooter was approved last November. For hospital admissions/outpatients they have to send 2 ambulance crews to collect/bring me back again. Well last night I snapped, and e.mailed my local M.P. I was stunned to receive a reply this morning confirming he would look into my case and get back to me!!! So I thank you Mr Conor Burns (Conservative - I know, who would've guessed) for giving me some hope for improving my quality of life for which my family, friends and I cant thank you enough. Just please, please, please dont let me down!

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  • good on you for going into action, I hope this matter can be resolved soon good luck

  • I cant tell if I sent my reply so forgive me if I'm repeating myself, thank you for good luck wishes. Suspect we could all use some good luck at the moment!

  • well done tulip I wish you luck love beth x

  • Thank you. Just wish I'd gone for it before now. Fingers, and everything we have that wont hurt, well and truly crossed!

  • Hi tulips well done you hope MP does what he says good luck will keep everything crossed for you. soft hugs xxx

  • Many thanks scrumie, will post when i have news. If I get good result, perhaps all should start pestering M.P.'s, from Lands End to John O'Groats! Some unfortunate people have always slipped through the system, but it seems to be getting worse. Too many people who already have more than enough to cope with are facing horrendous battles to prove obvious entitlement. Take care.

  • hi you need to get your OT to inspect your living conditions and if the adaptions to the front steps cant be changed they can upgrade your banding so you can move toa more suitable accomadation which is what i did. I am A band , high priority and am finally going to view a level access bungalow with my OT who will see if any further things need doing. your GP can refer you also adult care can often provide support too.

    good luck,

    hugs poppy xx

  • Hi tulips,

    I also had to have a ramp so i could get in and out of my home in my wheelchair, my OT sorted it all out although it took about 3 months before it was done and finnished, hope it gets done soon, love and hugs xxxxxx

  • thank you jayjay. I'm more hopeful now than i've been for a while, and I do appreciate the words of encouragement. :) xx

  • Hope you get the help you need maybe a ramp outside to help you be able to get outside more often asap as it makes so much difference if i can get outside to sit in the fresh air lesley x

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