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It can't get any worse surely!!

Hi an update on my frustrating situation!!

Well as I said last week SS had been and OT had phoned and assured us that we would get help when my husband went into hosptal,well he goes in on Monday and we have heard nothing......He will not be able to use his right hand for at least a month,and at the moment he is my only carer. Because of all my problems he dresses me and has to lift my legs to put me into bed. If we go out he takes my scooter and puts it tog: so I can go too,and he is the driver!

Now the council and SS new all of that...yet they have not got us any cover,at all and we do not know anyone who could help us at this busy time of the year.

I had also promised Mum before my OH needed surgery that she could come home for christmas,in the day time,but we now cant look after our selves let alone an 86 year old! I am so worried I do not want to let her down :-( My daughter was going to help at Christmas but her partners parents have both just found out they have cancer and so they need them to be at thier house over christmas.

What a year lets hope that 2013 is better for everyone;-)

Gentle hugs to everyone x

Rainbow. x <3

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Oh my word rainbow it surely can't here's hoping everything gets better for you soon and your OH op goes well

Hugs VG x


Oh no! It certainly can't get any worse which means it can only get better. Just wanted to send you my thought and my hopes that things get better for you and your family soon

Take care and fingers crossed someone comes to help you out very very soon

Hugs, Akasha x


Okay hun, are you going to the hospital when your hubby goes in? If so tell one of the nurses on duty of the rpoblems you are facing and see if they can gee up SS so to speak. If not I can only suggest you ring them up, the SS that is and let them know in no uncertain exactly the situation they have left you in. This is very bad and I cannot say how sorry I am that they have done this to you. I will watch out for further posts xxxxx


have you a named social worker? ring them and tell them how urgent it is and stress how vulnerable they are leaving you. if one can't/doesn't help, ask for someone more senior until they can help. ask for an emergency case conference. if they try to fob you off tell them you've taken advice on the matter, been patient but need action now. there are procedures for these matters - even if they are not forewarned, a duty of care. as ozzygirl says discuss it with the hospital staff.

keep us posted,



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