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It has just occurred to me that, with Fibro having so many symptoms, how do you tell when you are otherwise ill? The chest pain that I suffer with is on the right side, but yesterday, I was struck down with pain from the left side of my chest. I lay down, and waited for it to pass. However, I just wondered, what if that wasn't Fibro? I would have ignored a sign of illness. Has anybody else considered this and how do you tell the difference?

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  • wow just read ur question as was just going 2 post one to do with chest pain.i do believe in fait.i this yr have been getting bad chest pain.which i feel were the heart is.every kept saying heart i looked it up.and no waelksn' mentioned Angina cause i was in serve pain up back of neck.shoulders.and lower back part of neck.was worried even more as over a yr ago diagnosed with high blood pressure went for an angiagram which showed arteries are clear.i no it wasn't in my mind.if i could rewind time.when i went to rapid chest clinic i had mentioned fibro at diagnosed with 5yrs ago.only looking it up few months ago and joining this group.i now no its real and nt pyschosomatic.would they have said could have been a link.ask my gp few weeks ago.see never replied to that me the heart is a could it be fibro.i hope more people can put input to your question.your question of deep interest also me.xx

  • Thanks so much for sharing. The pain was right by my heart, as I'd imagine a heart attack to feel. I hadn't thought that, like you said, the heart is a muscle. I'll going to look this up. I really appreciate your input. I'm sick of feeling like it's 'all in my head' too.

  • Fibromyalgia is also called soft tissue arthritis and that name helps me understand what is going on an awful lot better. Loads of pain from skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, intestines etc. It's not all in the brain ... although sometimes I swear my brain hurts too!

    I invented another name for this complaint ..... Chronic Reactive Arthritic Pain - CRAP for short!

    Julie xx

  • Brilliant name Julie really appropriate

  • Obviously the sensible thing is to see your gp... But what you describe sounds a lot like chostochondritis which is the first thing that developed for me with fibro . If you look it up on the Internet it actually states it's a symptom of fibro and as I get it mainly on my left side I did think it was a heart attack... As you breathe the ligaments that stretch allowing your ribcage to move get inflamed on a bad day with this it hurts to breathe so I sit around doing nothing.. If you touch the ligaments where they join tou sternum you may feel really bad pain that's how I know it's not a heart attack ... But if it hasn't been diagnosed officially by a gp then please check

    VG x

  • I did have unusually painful chest earlier this year, l don't get it very often well not that bad anyways so decided to go to gp and he sent me for and l have completely forgotten what he called it but to test my heart...anyhow all was normal but of course l remember mentioning to my Mum that if l have same pains again l will be thinking it is my fibro as l do all other pains so if it ever was anything else l will not do we tell the difference???or do we book gp appointments for every pain we get...l certainly don't, l just try to get through each day and not think about GPs.

  • How do we tell the pains from each other? Well I think your Brain recognises them and as your knowledge of Fibro grows so does your realism as a detective. Muscular , arthritic pain can make you feel your are indeed haveing attack of the roups around your heart but this is not a heart attack I think if you are seriously worried you sjhould ring your Rheumatoid nurse or sister at the local hospital or check with One of the many on line assistance programes. If seriously in doubt call for help xgins

  • I believe that after several years of experiencing fibro symptoms you start to "learn" for yourself which are "normal" kinds of aches and pains related to your fibro and I have now got to the stage where I "ignore" most of them. Chest pains can be costochondritis or even heartburn but if your pain persists or gets worse then you should get it checked out for your "own peace of mind" because the "stress" of worrying about the pain can actually make the symptoms worse. :)

  • it is difficult to disquinish i think at times . i too have had lots of chest pains on/off

    infact we get 101 symptoms lol so its very hard.

    I have been rushed into hospital before and not found a thing and admitted and ended up signing myself out and going home, (i was rite in long run however as much as nothing could be found surgery found it) i say to the Dr how on earth do i know because i have alsorts going on an flares are getting alot more regular, so i would say does not matter how many times you think you not sure just get it checked out!

    Either way you get relief that its nothing more serious.

    huggles xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • i had many yrs psychiatrist for mental health in november lowering my anti depressant,for depression.still on many tablets related to other diagnoses to do with mental health.i was on 90 mg g/r caps.for 8yrs for depression.noticed since decrease fibro symptoms totally increased.which only found out symptoms not long ago.which got diagnosed over 5yrs ago,plus asked my docter at time what ment he was no help so dismissed.i last saw psyhcriatrist other amonth ago.which i see every 4 months.put since joining this group made an appointment for.which they can fit me end of month after explaining.i now realise you dont have to be depressed to take.learned it can be help for fibro.xx

  • sorry fog moment whan writing above.even forgot name of anti depressants which was main reason for post.duloxetine.nw u will all no why posted.hw could i forget main point.woops. x

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