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Getting no where!

Very disappointed with my visit to the neurologist-my scan was clear which is good but other than that I didnt find out anything else. I asked if he thought my chest pain could be part of the condition and he said it can affect any part of the body but he just deals with the brain. So know help there then. doesnt want to see me again but is referring me to a neuropsychiatrist but I can expect to wait some months as there is a long waiting list. Saw a new Community Psychiatrist Nurse to day as my worker is off sick he was helpful but cant see me again till 7th January so its cope on my own!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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we are here for you.

try seeing your gp again about your chest pain.

gentle hugs,



So sorry that you have been left "high and dry" as it were until January. Is your GP helpful? OR is there a nurse at the surgery you could see for some moral support?

I think that chest pains can be all part of FMS but they need checking out in case there is something else going on. Do you think that your Dr would be willing to see you about these pains or refer you to a chest physician or for an Xray if appropriate?

I am not much help really but just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and there are plenty of people on this site who care. Keep us all posted about how you get on.

Love and hugs. Saskia. XX


Thank you both My GP is very supportive and I have had a chest xray and am being referred to both cardiac and chest clinics but I did think I would have got answers today. Its great to have this site and you lovely people for support x x x x


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