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Update on my miracle tablets

Pregablin has improved my life so much I can do everything pain free. However I have run out of tablets and am back to how I was before my pain relief ... Its been 3 days. Its like going from hero to zero. Its wonderful to have no pain but it has come back faster than I could have imagined ! It hurts to stand my bad legs gone dead again and I feel like I have charlie horse in my leg. :( I will updat end of next week when back on my tablets.


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Hi there.

Gosh you need to get to the docs first thing Monday. Coming straight off Pregalin is not advisable and should be done in stages. No wonder you feel so ill. Did the doc not give you enough?

I am on it too and it has worked wonders for the pain but my memory is shot to pieces.

Take care.

Piggie hugs xxxxx



Next time Em, see if you can get your prescription for say three month's worth of meds, it works out cheaper this way and there is less chance of running out. I have all my meds on three month repeat prescriptions, cheaper too unless you're exempt from prescription charges of course.



Oh dear Em, you will be experiencing withdrawal and possible heightened Fibro symptoms through not taking your medication.

You have to wait until the end of next week?! Do you have your meds on repeat prescription?! Is it possible to collect your meds before that or get someone to collect them for you?

Some chemists/pharmacies deliver their prescriptions, so this might be worth looking into if you can't get down to pick them up yourself.

You really need to speak to your GP about this Em, you are going to feel pretty awful by the end of the week, that's another 6 days possibly.

We will help and support you all we can, but the side effects you are feeling and also the increased pain and other symptoms aren't doing you any good at all. You need your meds asap.

Please talk to your GP and let us know what happens, we are concerned for you.

(((hug))) xxx



Hi em i just got my repeat px tonite and i agree it is a miracle pill, but i been on for well over a year now and near max dose so going pain clinic!? Why no idea , an injection in the neck and base spine be goid lol but who knows .

Dr's say it has a '12 hour' effect well i beg to differ as like pain relief that i have along side it , it wears off.

All burning, aching throbbing its undescribeable xxxx

Go back monday youn lady xxxx


My gp never gave me this my consultant gave me one months worth when I had my op 4 weeks ago they gave me a lower dose so had to double up and my gp didn't ring me back. I work full time away from home so gettings meds is difficult and am not seeing my pain management team for another 6 weeks. X


Maybe you should be thinking of going to your local hospital

As those tablets are very addictive and you will feel like hell


hi, i have never heard of these tablets, my Dr doesn't prescribe anything for my fibro, although he's aware i have it, it just gets treated as part of who i am, (a nutter, to them i expect) I get co codomol for pain, as i have a bad back too, which i think was caused by a fall a few years ago. I just live with the pain. It isn't always as bad as it is now, so mine seems to be cyclical, and i think damp weather doesn't help and I live in wet wales. Is this drug an american thing? And i think i heard of another drug for FM but can't remember the name, what are these drugs, why are they addictive? i am scared to take drugs, as i am on an ssri antidepressant which i can not get off owing to withdrawals, but the dr told me they weren't addictive, so I don't trust doctors, I have never been offered an appointment with a rumatologist, only orthopedic who were useless for me. I'm 62, had the fm about 10 yrs or more



I don't know if it's from America, but it's available from all GPs as well

And it's a good pain killer for most people, but it cannot just be stopped

As it is addictive and to stop it will make you ill so it has to be done on a

Controlled way with your doctor cocodamol is also addictive.

Some of the medication that we take for pain with fibro will be addictive

It just means you can't just stop you have to do it with your doctors help.

If you want to see a specialist you have the right to do so ask your

Doctor to send you also he can send you to the pain nurse at the

Hospital, no one should be in pain, although nothing I have taken

Takes the pain away completley but it helps.

Most people with fibro will be on anti depressents, not every one because

They are depressed, but because it helps with pain as well, the one that

Is recommended for fibro is cymbalta which is good but as with most

Drugs not for every one.

I hope that what I have written has helped a little

Keep well



i can't understand why i have not been offered any of the other pills, not that i like the sound of them, i don't take enough co codomol to get addicted, but i might take the others if they work, co codomol isn't much good, and i have IBS so most painkillers bring this on, i can not take anti inflatories for the same reason


I've been on Pregabalin also known as Lyrica, for nearly 3 years and have gradually increased to maximum dose of 600 mg a day. I must say it does help but is much better now I take 30mg a day of Baclofen and 225mg of Venlofaxine. All in all, the best combination I have been on after morphine patches, oral morphine, diazepan, and others. I have all on a repeat and my local sainsburys pharmacy does it for me. That I find really helpful all I do is Mark my calendar for 3 days before it is due, call sainsburys and they get the prescription from my doctors and it is ready to collect a Few days later. I also have the prepayment prescription card which saves a fortune.


Hi, I have just come off Cymbalta(duloxetine) after two and a half years. I was given this and Pregablin (lyrica) by a rheumatologist after being diagnosed with Fibro & Hypermobility. I can not really say I have had any pain relief from either of these, only they made me a little stronger emotionally, and I have no trouble sleeping at night or any other time of the day! I have recently come off Cymbalta, as I have had tests for my liver which came back not as they should. Having read the side effects of the drug,it stated it can cause cirrhosis of the liver!( & no I don't drink at all, I cant any more without being violently ill )). I have also noticed my mind,although still muddled, is definatley a little clearer-the fog has lifted a little. I am now having further tests, and ive noticed on the Pregablin side effects that it can cause incorrect liver test results! I am now thinking of coming off Pregablin as well. When I think back to before I started taking these drugs, yes I had a lot of aches and pain( the same as now) , but I am sure I was not as clumsy ,forgetful, and living in a constant fog where I can hardly even remember my own name ! Different stokes for different folks as they say, but I wonder how many of my problems are caused by my medication not helped by it. I did come off Cymbalta gradually, and had some side effects, so recommend you contact your gp and explain you need your script immediately, they will understand, and im sure they will help you . I think they can fax any pharmacy for emergency scripts, if you are away from home


I'm on Pregablin and I find they make my pain levels a lot more manageable and makes me less grumpy!

The doctor told me not to run out and has put them on a repeat proscription so I now don't have to see him every time I need some more.


Em, just checking in with you to check you are ok. Are you able to get some more meds from your GP or at least see him/her today?!

I hope you are ok. We are really concerned for you about not taking your meds.

Please let us know how you are and what is happening regarding this.

Take care, we are always here for you.

(((hug))) xxx



i have just looked up these drugs approved for FM, i had never heard of them, and can only conclude that my GP doesn't approve/recomend them. After reading about them, i think i would prefer not to take any of them, because they are strong chemicals that act on the receptors in the brain and some of them are addictive, and can cause liver disease, i think that is adding to one's poor health. I prefer exercise and diet and some kind of therapy. I do get co codemol for my pain, but don't take it much as i have IBS and it causes constipation. I can not take anti inflamatories either, or pain patches. There must be an answer, but taking chemicals sounds risky, yoga, and meditation must surely help and gentle walking. relaxation techniques etc. How ever i also saw that tramadol in conjunction with paracetamol worked better because tramadol doesn't cause constipation. I can't understand why my GP didn't prescribe this rather than codine when he knows my condition. It makes me feel unsupported by my GP and discounted as a human being in pain.


Hi Durga

If I didn't take my pain meds oromorph, tramadol, MST, clonazepam I would be in so much pain it would be unbearable paracetamol doesn't touch me at all I have osteoarthritis on top of the fybro and obviously this cold weather isn't helping I was given Gabapentin by my gp to try again but it makes me very moody I also cannot take anti inflammatories due to my stomach.The IBS is part and parcel of Fybro. All medications have side effects even paracetamol is addictive if it is taken regularly I think we all have to put into perspective whether we want to be in pain or out of pain and i for one will try anything that will help I have had every homeopathic thing going and was seen by top Harley street specialists through the NHS referred by my DR they tried everything Accupuncture with needles from the top of my head down to my toes, a special diet where i cut out all additives and dairy and no matter what i tried it didn't help. I did read over a year ago of a new drug from America which has been found to help people with chronic pain it was in a disability magazine but when i asked my GP about it he said it was red lighted and only available through the pain clinic. I can't remember what it was called but i believe it began with a P it is not pregabalin as i have had that and have had Lyrica I haven't seen anyone mention it on any of the boards. But it is a drug that you don't need to increase the dosage and it hits the spot in the brain and spine which sends the signals of pain. I have also had every anti depressant going and hate taking those as they never help the pain and some of them make you more depressed. Tramadol is adictive as it is opiate based.


oh dear i just hate to take pills, but to be out of pain would be miricalous - maybe i can try gabapentin for a while and see how it goes, thanks


Hello Em, just checking again that you are ok and whether you managed to get some more meds. Also are you feeling better now.

Please check in to let us know how you are, we all care about you and wonder how you are.

(((hug))) xxx



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