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yes I am still here, just in the background

I had 4 very good months whist moving and settling in, now the honeymoon is over! the last week or two has been taken up with stomach cramps and wind! yes it is IBS in a bad way. I did have a weeks flare of fibro too but fortunately that was not too bad. I thing there is still something in my diet upsetting me but I have cut out nuts, fish, gluten, wheat, oats, lactose and chocolate and anything remotely pleasant to eat!!! in short I have chicken, vegetables, and fruit (IBS = C) freefrom bread and freefrom ginger biscuits. I will probably never know what Christmas dinner tastes like again or chocolate eclairs or spongecake and icecream. feeling a bit depressed at present as you can imagine and I have really only told you half the story because the cold affects my arthritis and IBs upsets my heart so I have ended up sitting in a chair all day like a 90 year old. I will go now because I think I have depressed you all as well and I had no intention of doing that. Hope you all have a good Christmas/Diwali , soft hugs xxxx

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Hi there.

Moving is one of the most stressful things in life. And we all know that stress will catch up with us sooner or later. It sounds like yours has kicked in big time now. I hope you manage to calm all your symptoms soon, and are able to find yourself some Christmas treats to look forward to.




hi ,hope you feeling better soon ,i to will be moving after xmas dreading the thought of it ,with ibs stress does bring it on ,

anyway hope u have a lovley xmas

gentle hugs xx


I was only talking with hubby and mother in law about the stress of moving today. It is over 20 years since we moved here but I remember it well and it makes me cringe. The winter truggers so many things and it can be a pain at times, but what else can we do but bear it until it eases. I hope things settle for you soon hun xxxxx


thanks to you all. Tried psyllium husks today and it has been a bit calmer as well as liquorice capsules for minor upsets. did eventually manage 5 hours having gone to bed at 4.30. xxx


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