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Here I am in France

Morning all.

I hope you are all copying well? I am out here in fairly sunny France just outside Perrone. We have been out walking visiting war graves and monuments and I never thought I would be so touched. We are here with friends who have built in lots of breaks for me so I don't get too tired. The worst is first thing in the morning but once up I feel quite good. I would recommend this part of France to anyone wanting a holiday. The pace is so slow, the roads are so empty and the locals so friendly. Perfect for those of us who can't keep up in everyday life.

We came over on the tunnel so no hassle with flights and customs and the roads are so easy to follow.

We are off for a little wonder into Perrone today to have a look around and see the shops!!

I will let you know how I get on later?

Hugs and au reviour xxxxxx

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Bonjour, sounds lush, enjoy your time xxxxx


enjoy yourself ...

gentle hugs


bonjour mamoiselle pour quoi?????

jem appelle diddle

lol i will stop there and i hope that you had a lovely day and enjoyed the shops in perrone ?

you are lucky to be there it is a different pace of life there it is lovely only been once we hired a beautiful cottage and it was wonderful idyliic would like togo again

you enjoy and not to much of the vinpoor champagne lol love diddle xx o as they say in france di delleeeee


Bonjour! It is amazing and thank you for you good wishes. I can see why people want to move out here. I find the pace of life and the friendliness of all amazing people so welcoming. The heat and relaxation has helped me no end. Off for a few glasses of vino now.

Au reviour xxxxx


enjoy yourself and sounds fellas parents want to buy a chateau over there one day.

the closest ive got to there is disney land paris does that count.i did speak a little french and so did my kids and loved it. x


Karen have a wonderful time and tell us all about it when you get back. Hope you have some lovely weather and you manage to get out and about! Make sure you rest when you can! Take care :)


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