dear god in heaven can anyone tell me how on earth i'm supposed to get through another day/night/day/night what's the difference

can see many are struggling. if i'm really lucky to sleep 2hours out of 24. pain is so deep, so widespread. from sharp-throb-heavy dragging ache down to bones rapid loss of hands so swollen and feet and lumps feel so bruised/battered no let up since dont know. right hand op. next thursday sheer terror to have it/not have it. hospitals/norovirus aftercare

cant wash myself no dignity left helpless hopeless breathing not good fighting panic oxygen not stopping wheeze inhalers not helping much what have i done just human wouldn't harm anyone is there anyone out there or is it just me did they drop a bomb that missed me alone or what

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  • Oh Tulips, you sound in such a bad way. This horrible illness brings us all so low at times. I hope you have managed some sleep since you posted, and that today brings you some relief.



  • thank u 3 hours sleep sun shining outside sometimes just need to sound off this site so helpful 'cause i know people so kind & understand have a loving/caring family with the best will in the world cant understand + dont want to worry them tough going

  • Tulips,

    So sorry you feel the way you do at the moment.

    I would suggest making an appointment with your GP to discuss your symptoms and the feelings you are experiencing too.

    Is there any support groups near you , you may consider attending to gain some understanding and empathy from those living with Fibromyalgia too. Please see link below of our FibroAction Support Group Directory listings :

    I hope this helps


  • thank u emma waiting to hear from gp (very good gp) after a.m. surgery/lunchtime ish housebound @ the moment had 3 hrs sleep feel much calmer this morning

  • Hello Tulips, so sorry to hear you're feeling so poorly at the moment but please you feel calmer today. Please know that we are always here for you and we care about you. We will do whatever we can to help and support you.

    (((hug))) xxx


  • i know you've never let me down yet cant tell you how much this site helps xx

  • My Dear Tulips

    I wish I could wave a magic wand & make it all better! (Join the queue!) lol

    I think if we could just SLEEEEEEP & awake feeling refreshed (can't remember what that's like!) we could put up with the rest of it. Just being constantly weary & dreary & yuck is enough on it's own to cope with , without all that PAAAIN.

    There is no easy answer, in fact probably no answer at all, but just hope that a "trouble shared is a trouble halved" & that our care & love comes across to you from these messages.

    Love & very gentle hugs xxx

  • support & honest understanding from this site helps more than anything. feel much calmer today slept 3 hrs just spoken to my gp she's sending me some zopiclone to help me sleep until after the op. i've had it before quite helpful

    thank u for the support much appreciated xx

  • Dearest Tulip, Yes, I often think how much more torture can my body inflict on me? I have times when I am so devastated with what my body does to the 'real' me - that is fighting to get out of the disease's hold - and it is taking all my energy just to keep up the fight against the iron grip of this horrible disease - more energy than I could have imagined I had before I was ill.. Just to let you know that by having these feelings you are not going mad, you are not alone, we are all suffering in the prison cell of our bodies and only we truly know what courage it takes just to keep fighting. And that is what you are doing; what a brave and courageous woman you are - I admire you - hugs x

  • every word you say - I know you know how this feels. Wouldn't wish this on anyone but it helps so much to hear from people, to feel understood which I've never had before. Thank you so much for the support. This site has become my safety net and i do not know how I would have managed over the last few months without it. respect back to you too. xx

  • i'm not sure if i've posted reply back to you in the right place it's here somewhere. really not firing on all cylinders but hope you have it. xx

  • I have given up asking how much I can take. Now I just rant a bit and then get on with life again. I do have times when I feel low, but not too often anymore. I hope all goes well with the GP and things improve for you(off for a long soak now) xxxxx

  • the rant helps huge amount, afterwards have tighter grip on my sanity dont know what i'd do without lovely people on here. gp sent me zopiclone to help me sleep trying to hold out 'til 9pm. enjoy your soak, thank u for message xx

  • A rant always helps and of course all the lovely members on here that put up with our ranting lol. After all this time I tend not to rant, but look on the funny side of things. I find it helps immensely. Glad your GP sent you something. A family member had those and zonked out good style lol. Hope it works for you and I fell asleep in the bath. A 30 minute power nap was not what I needed and I was like a shrivelled up prune, and as stiff as a board xxxxx

  • 15+ hours of solid, restful, beautiful sleep!! Feel like myself again. You are quite right - sense of humour is an essential tool for survival in amongst all the chaos. beg to differ - 30 mins power nap must have been exactly what you needed. lol

    have a good weekend. she doesn't know it yet but planning to persuade my daughter to put up the tree. we have another grandchild this year so we really do have something to look forward to!!! :) xx

  • You sound much better now, and you are right, every now and then you have to have a right moan and get it all off your chest. My GP is hopeless, so negative and wet! Do you take something like amitryptylene or mertazapine? They can really help with the 'throbbing' effect you get in your arm and leg muscles, not wonderfully but enough to make it more tolerable. Chin up, because you certainly are not alone, there are thousands of us wondering what we ever did to deserve fibro.

    Kate xxx

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